Help! Buying Wholesale already FIRED ceramics?

chandieladyMay 28, 2007

Good morning! I have a rather odd question and this site always seems to have the best answers! :) I used to paint ceramics years ago and fell in love with the art. I am now looking to find a wholesaler that can provide me with the same great shapes and plates of bisque and greenware but I would like them to already be FIRED/Glazed. Absolutely plain white, no markings, no labels,and much like the dinnerware we eat off of, but plain like the bisqueware we paint. I have found many wholesale sellers who sell wholesale plates to restaurants etc, but I am looking for this for art purposes so I don't want a stamped label in the bottom. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Bless you!

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Other than to contact shops that fire the bisque and see if they will glaze and fire the bisque for you I don't know of a supplier of such. Not sure why you object to a stamped maker's mark, history is full of ceramic objects with stamped maker's marks and glazed art signatures.


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get in touch with these folks ... their main business is decals, but they also sell a variety of glazed pieces.


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heres one that might be helpful. i have to order online a lot cause theres only one place intown that sells them n hes only open when she feels like it lol

Here is a link that might be useful: r n r ceramics

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oops i misunderstood you question ,sorry

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Here is a link that might be useful: Aftosa

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