anyone use homehardware4less for emtek?

michoumonsterFebruary 18, 2013

Hi all, I was looking through old threads on gardenweb and found a few references to this site called homehardware4less. Their emtek prices seem to be the lowest I have found. But the site itself seems very rudimentary. Was wondering if any of you have purchased from them recently and if you could share your experiences? Or if you could recommend another place with good prices on emtek hardware? thank you!!

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We used them for our Emtek hardware in November 2011. I placed the order and two days later asked if I could add another lever to the order. (I wanted it added to the order rather than placing another order due to shipping charges.) The lever was added without a problem and the whole order was shipped together about a week later.

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thanks for your input dekeoboe! sounds like they are legitimate. I will give them a try. the savings for me will be close to 20%!

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Did you check Simpson Hardware? I read about them here and had a good experience ordering from them. I may be a good place to confirm your low prices.

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kfhl, thanks for the suggestion. i will price out at simpson as well. i was comparing the prices with which claims to have the lowest emtek prices anywhere, but seems it is not the case...

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Wondering if you had success with homehardware4less
Need to order my door knobs! :)

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I am ordering mine from Simpson. Their prices were the best.

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I am ordering mine from Simpson. Their prices were the best.

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Hi Laurat, I did end up ordering from homehardware4less. after price-checking with simpson, i did find they had the best prices for what I wanted from emtek. But I still haven't received my order, which was placed on 3/5. I got an email on 3/15 saying my knobs were backordered by the manufacturer. Then another email the same day saying that they would now be shipped within a few business days. It is now a full week later, and I still haven't gotten my order. Right now, I am a little on the fence about them due to delays and not many email updates. I suppose emtek is more to blame.. I will update this post to let you know once I get them, if all ends well. luckily i don't need my knobs immediately, but if you do, then it might be wise to look elsewhere..

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to update my post. I ordered a large number of emtek knobs and locks from homehardware4less. The only issue I had was a month-long backorder, but this was, according to homehardware4less, a manufacturer issue. My email inquiries received prompt replies from customer service. Now, I finally received my order. Everything was packaged well and my order came complete. The only thing I felt was lacking was a delay in communication about the backorder (took a good 10 days of silence before I learned of the backorder, then the knobs did not ship when they had said they would).
I saved a bundle by purchasing my emtek knobs here. I didn't need the knobs right away, so the delay did not hurt me (except worrying about not getting them for so long). But make sure if you do buy from these guys, allow for any potential delays. I would probably purchase from this vendor again if their prices continue to be better than others'.
hope my review helps any others wanting to buy emtek!

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I'm glad I found this, as I'm waiting for prices from a local locksmith on some Emtek sets. I need 4 entry sets and 3 passage sets.

According to him, Emtek is less expensive than Baldwin and both have the lifetime guarantee on the polished brass finish.

I just priced the Emtek egg-shaped handle with oval rosette privacy set in the lifetime brass on homehardware4less and it came to just over $58... the locksmith verbally quoted me $140 for the same set!!!!! :-O

Priced it at Simpsons too; they don't offer the oval rosette, the closest one is the #8. Came to $102.

Amazon has it for $81 but that is with the round rosette which I absolutely don't want, and no option to change.

I'm going to wait till I get the prices on the other Emteks and then comp them all at homehardware4less.

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I ordered from homehardware4less and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I had several questions and spoke directly to one of their reps (Ashley). She was great and very helpful. I did make a mistake when I finally ordered and the return process was simple and painless. Yes, I was expecting a restocking fee (because it was my mistake), but when they issued the refund, the made an error in my favor. I called to let them know and they waived the restocking fee for me as a gesture of appreciation for pointing it out. That was certainly above and beyond necessary. I think they have a small operation so the communication may not be quite as rapid as others, but for the service, I'd order again (and plan to as I need a few more doors replaced). Ashley rocks :)

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