using glass frit on pottery

katerraApril 9, 2010

Does anyone know if I can put glass frit from my lampworking supplies in the center of a pot or dish on top of glaze and then fire it? Is there a c.o.e. problem or would I just get a pool of melted glass in the bottom with no harm to the pottery piece? I think it would look neat but don't want to blow up anything. It's not my kiln! Thanks for any help.

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I have used scrape pieces of stained glass in my pottery pieces. It just usually melts down into a puddle on the bottom of the bowl, sometimes crazing. I don't like using it as there is no control over it.

When I did it. I dipped my piece in glaze then places pieces where I more or less wanted them to go. I also have crushed the glass pieces and rolled them around in the raw clay before firing, that didn't work very well either. I thought it would melt down in a watery effect but it didn't.
It actually fell off after cooling.

It would be better, I think if you know the melting temp of your glass pieces and use the same temp of your glaze/clay.

I used cone 5 glaze and some pieces would melt, some wouldn't so I had slightly raised areas.

Hope that helps.

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