Can Sculpey be reheated and reformed?

gumbycatApril 7, 2004

Please don't laugh at my question. As you can tell, I'm not much of a crafter BUT....I wanted to make some finials for the end of a curtain rod. They are leaf shape and really look good...or at least they did. When I baked them, I guess I didn't provide enough support for the one because when it dried, it twisted. They can either both be twisted or both be straight but both need to be the same. Can I reheat the twisted one in some way an "tweek" it or do I need to start over with a new batch of Sculpey. I tried to do a search on Google for the answer and found everything you ever wanted to know about Sculpey except reforming once it has been baked and cooled. I posted this on the Crafts Forum before I realized that PC is frequently discussed on this forum. Your help will be sincerly appreciated.

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I *think* you can reform your finial. If you haven't already over-baked and you don't over-bake the next time. Just keep an eye on the clay piece and when it's soft and pliable again, put it in the position you want. I would turn off the heat at that point, but maybe a few more minutes of cooking time would be good. The main thing, as I said, is be careful not to overdo it. Sculpey tends to burn more quickly than some of the other poly clay formulations.
Oftentimes, when I take a piece out of the oven, I'll manipulate it a bit to get it where I want it, then dip in a bath of ice water or hold it under the tap if the water is plenty cold. Then it stays put. :-)
Remember, though, that Sculpey can also be more brittle and break more easily so be careful!
Hope that helps. Sorry, I don't get over to this forum much lately!

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