Molding Compound

rosie_gaApril 29, 2002

Thought I'd share this with you........While talking to a lady from the Clay Guild in town......the subject of molds came up and I said I had not tried (nor intended to) the Suze Weinburg product that is two part and makes a mold. I believe the name is Gedeo. Way too pricey for me.....This lady suggested a product named Belicold. It's used for making cold molds. Quite a bit cheaper and a larger quanity....1.2lbs. The name of the company is Rio Grande. Will link to the site....,rio+grande,,,,fastsearch

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Thanks for the link! I really enjoyed looking at their PMC stuff. Didn't know that the PMC3 was out on the market, and didn't know there was a PMC conference in OH this July. Rats! I've already committed to the Artiology conference in June or I'd go to it.
Did you happen to talk to this woman about using dental alginate for molds? It's even cheaper than this Belicold, but I don't know anyone firsthand who has used it with poly clay or PMC. Can the flexible Sculpey be used for molds? Lucky you to have a local clay guild!


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Well I thought lucky too until I realized they meet on the other side of town.....about 50 miles. Just a little far. She didn't say anything about the dental alginate but I plan on asking my dentist to give me some old tools for clay so will ask her about this substance. I thought you would like the info on the PMC3.

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