repairing crack in Terra Cotta pot

shakushinnenApril 27, 2013

We have a large terra cotta pot that we (foolishly) left outside in the winter. Now I need to fix the cracks in it. I have seen several suggestions of filling the cracks with glue (mostly silicone) after pulling the crack open slightly; but I'm afraid that this will cause it to break completely. My intuition is that I need something that will seep into the cracks and harden, like crazy glue, but I'm not sure how good that stuff would be. We will be painting it afterward, so moisture shouldn't be a big problem.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
...... john

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a while ago I found "outdoor super glue" at Home Depot. I used it to mend a pot, which has stayed mended. It's thick, though, and really looks like silicone caulk/glue, not runny like super glue.

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