Range with fewer electronics?

christina_miMarch 29, 2013


I had been a frequent user here about 10 years ago while building our house. Now I need advice about replacing (?) our range.

We bought a Dacor dual-fuel convection range at that time. It is 30" slide-in.

I liked it well enough except now for the second time we need to replace some circuit boards. The first time was under the extended warranty. This time we're on the hook for $800-1000 of repairs - replacing 2 boards and the front "membrane" panel.

We can still use it for the most part if we use the breaker to turn it on and off. When it has power and if the oven is not in use ("on") it emits a continuous beeping sound and the fan won't shut off.

So, I was considering having it repaired to sell it; then replacing with something that has less electronics.

Does such an animal exist?

I would like to stick with dual-fuel convection (and still fit in the same opening) if possible.


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Yup. It's called Bluestar. Just do a search for it in this forum and you'll have more info than you could possibly imagine. Also check out www.bluestarcooking.com

It has no electronics and the thing is a workhorse. I have one and my parents do as well. We're all crazy about it and cannot say enough good things about it. Plus, it's probably not much more than a dacor would cost (and you already know what a headache those are).

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If you go all gas, you'll have less electronics. Once you go for a dual fuel range, you're adding in lots of electronics.

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Christina, there are a number of people in your situation. It is hard to find ranges without electronic controls, but there are a few. Most of the new ranges from the regular makers have an electronic controls, some are even touch screens such as GE. Others, such DCS, Wolf ( all gas not dual fuel ), Bluestar, NXR all offer ranges with manual controls of the oven . IIRC, DCS offers a dual fuel with a manual control. If the range has auto reignition of burners, there will be some electronics for that, same for self clean cycle, though if you don't use the self clean cycle that may not be an issue.

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A ten year old dual fuel range in operating condition is essentially worthless to most buyers. You have been extremely lucky to have made it this far for the cost of an extended warranty. Practically speaking, time to move on and put your money on a fresher horse.
There are only a few conditions under which refurbishing a 3-5 year old OTR microwave or 10 year old range would be economically feasible and one would be the need to avoid costly modifications to expensive cabinets and counters when you can't find a new item that will fit.

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1. Spending $800 to $1k, and then selling the Dacor:

While I suspect it might be uneconomic, you won't actually know until you check the likes of eBay and Craigslist. A used appliance dealer will probably only offer around $500 or $600 for a working Dacor, but sales by owners on Craigslist and eBay might (or might not) be significantly higher. You won't know until you check.

2. "Fewer electronics" and "Dual-Fuel Convection" are pretty much mutually exclusive propositions. Almost everything with an electric oven is going to run off microprocessors on circuit boards for the oven even when the gras controls are mechanical.

3. Barryv cited the DCS RDU305 as having "manual" oven controls. It certainly dispenses with touchpads, timers and other extrenal digital paraphernalia. However, those big round oven knobs might be electro-mechanical selectors or they might operate through a circuit board. Don't know. If the stove interests you, I suggest you call DCS or see if you can find a parts manual someplace on line.

4. For truly minimal electronics, you pretty much have to look at "pro-style" all-gas stoves, as others have said. Also, you pretty much have to give up self-cleaning ovens. I think one of the the Capital Culinarians 30" models (CGSR304 ??) has a manually set self-cleaning oven function without needing circuit boards to control it. As that fine stove costs about $6500, it may be beyond the budgetary scope. Everything else that I know of (NXR, BlueStar, Wolf, etc.) seems to be "myself cleaning." They all have some electronics, chielfy the the reignitor for the burners, although those are simple modules and pretty easily replaced.

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The other thing to consider is that some companies have electronics that are reliable! I had Dacor products for about 7 months and they bought them back. I now have had a Wolf DF and Electrolux wall oven for almost 5 years and they have been trouble free and everything works the way it should. I did not want to give up the advantages of the electronics-precise, reproducible temperatures and the ability to to use modes which vary the way heat is directed and fan speed to get desired results.

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Another thing to consider with a slide-in is you counters. Slide-ins generally, but not always, have a continuous counter behind the unit and just about every one needs a different depth opening.

You might need to move the slide-in to do this, but also measure the exact opening in your counters before choosing a new model. Slide-ins can have a fair amount of excess counter opening hidden under their lip. Also, sometimes the front edge of the counter is cut in a "funny" way to accommodate the front trim of the slide-in. Try to get a look at that before deciding.

If you're thinking of changing to a straight range, you might need counter surgery because of the back -or- if the side edges were over-cut you might end up with an exposed cabinet edge.

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Bluestar. Absolutely love mine.

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Thanks for all the input!

We ended up having it repaired, and will continue using it ourselves. NEXT TIME it happens we will at least be prepared!

We have some DCS dealers in the area, so may go with one of those preferentially.

Thanks again!

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