poly clay projects on Carol Duvall

ArtsyCraftsyApril 13, 2002

there are a couple projects coming up the rest of this month. You can access instructions via her show index for everything up to April 30. I like to look ahead, lol!

This transfer bead project really caught my eye!

Here is a link that might be useful: transfer beads

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Barbara Mcguire is great.....she has such a sense of "antiqued" or old looking. I think she is my favorite polymer person. These do look very interesting.

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I love that look! Do I understand that the image will "leach" into the clay... or just transfer from the toner without doing anything to it? I'm wondering if DH's Canon copier would work? I don't have easy access to a copy center...

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Lia- I think part of the toner actually sticks fast to the clay. The toner is a powder which fuses to the paper from heat. The binder in the clay loosens the powder so it sticks to the clay instead. No solvents are needed.

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Did anyone watch this show today? That bracelet came out beautiful.


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I was so happy to catch it. I've missed several lately...
l loved how she did the bracelets. Was she using metallic clays in colors she mixed herself? Or were those PearlEx'd? (I had a distraction and couldn't tell if I missed something...)
I really loved the pendants!

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