kitchenaid dishwasher

laurenjayMarch 3, 2013

Anyone know the cost of replacing a motor for kitchenaid dishwasher in the New York area? I need a new motor because of excessive noise. Does it pay to do this? The dishwasher is about 8 years old.

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You could go to and search for your model and see what the part costs but unless you're doing it yourself you'll end up paying a labor charge on top of it. Are you sure it's the motor that's making the noise? Personally, if it's still running and cleaning ok, I wouldn't bother "fixing" it.

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I can ballpark it at not less than 300 bucks, more if you're in manhattan.

Time to start looking for a new DW.

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The average life of a dishwasher is 8-10 years.
Your at that mark.
I would recommend to just start looking for a new dishwasher. Since yours is still running you can take a little time and not feel rushed to buy the first thing you see.

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Hey, I have a 10-year old top-of-the line KA DW that just needed a repair. The heating element in the bottom cracked. The repair cost $350 (labor and parts, including a new control board that came with the heating element) and I now have a fully working DW. A lot cheaper than buying a new comparable DW and it's probably a lot better than the currently manufactured ones. These days you really have to consider the trade-off between fixing and replacing.

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