Polymer Mosaics ?

Kathy_in_DelawareApril 27, 2004

Ok lets get this board alive again :)

Ive been thinking about doing a mosaic with polymer clay and I was wondering if anyone else has and if you have any ideas or tips to share.

Thanks in advance,


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I did see a project done on Carol's show with clay......tiny pieces, scored and then baked. They just popped apart. Then individually glued on a pattern. Was pretty cool. Might do a search on HGTV's site for full instructions.

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I taped that Carol show. If you want it, I can make a copy of it for you.

I'm fairly new to this site. I was so excited when I first found it that I actually stayed up until after 2:00 a.m. reading all the posts. But after that night, virtually nothing changed. I kept signing on hoping for new comments and ideas. I'm with you Kathy... let's get this board movin'!

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I have a book on poly clay by Sue Heaser and she shows two ways to do mosaics. The first is like you saw on tv, the prebaked tiles. The other method she calls "soft-on-soft" and says she developed this because the other took so long for making micro tiles. (She shows jewelry made with these tiny tiles.)
With the soft-on-soft she says to roll clay to 1/16" thick, then cut off a 1/16" bar from that. Then cut, lift with your knife, and move the little tile to a base piece (your design). Let me know if you want more info on this, as she says the shape of the knife blade and the angle at which you place the bar of clay is important. If you're doing a bazillion tiles, I guess it is!
Comparing the pictures of the pre-baked vs. soft-on-soft, I'd have to say I like the SOS better!

Hope that helps, and I hope this board does get rolling again!

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I was reading all the older posts and was happy to see this one. I saw an episode of "That's Clever" where a woman named Laurie Mika does just that- makes mosaics out of polymer clay. Here is her website: www.mikaarts.com

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Wow. I'm going back to mikaarts site on my friend's high speed. A little slow on my dial-up. Thank you.

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Do an internet search for clare dohna she does mosaics and makes her own tiles. The are pretty and sooo colorful. its dignursery.com or something like that.

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I've used the chop and place method Lia_SC spoke of to cover a matchbox with slices from a cane. It was a heart cane and each heart was bout an 1/8" . . . took a while . . .and the "soft" makes it tricky to maintain the design without smooshin em.
The method works best when you're after something more "abstract" it it's not rocket science.

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You know - this exact thought was floating around in my head a couple weeks ago. I wondered if it could be done. I don't see why not ! I even thought of making Sculpy rocks and stones to decorate a birdhouse with. ( so it wouldn't be so heavy ) Boy - all this thinking is starting to hurt ....... LOL

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