Should I Go with Carrara Shelf or Black Marble?

enduringMarch 15, 2014

I don't know if I should use the black marble that I had planned to use in my shower niche. I have heard that black and green marbles can curl, flake, and something called spalling.

I have a 3/4" black marble threshold that I bought for the shelf. I also have a left over 4" carrara marble backsplash that I cut to fit. It is 3cm thick.

The carrara marble is a near match but not perfect. The tile has an ever so slight warm white, where as the carrara's background white is cool.

the black could add a bit of drama, but I am not crazy about the shape of the edge as manufactured. I do not want to risk curling problems or flaking in the shower.

So I am thinking of using the carrara. Do you guys think that the carrara will be just fine? I kind of like the quietness of it. The pattern of the carrara really matches very well with the porcelain at the shelf area.

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Can you hold up the black shelf? (Or is it too long, and needs to be cut to fit?) Do you have any other black in shower or bath to tie it in with? Don't know about the curling, etc. but I do know black will show soap scum, watermarks, etc. more than the white. Do you want to have to be always cleaning the shelf?

Either one will be fine. Once your various bottles and other paraphernalia get placed on there your eye will gravitate to their probably bright colours anyways!

Your grout lines look fantastic! Are they 1/8"?

(I now have a functioning sink, and we're heading to BBB to buy LIfeliner, then I'll be filling my drawers...pardon me! LOL)

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I like the Carrara. It's hard to tell on my screen that the tones are a little different. It looks like a good match here. I think you're right about it adding drama. So if you're looking for a subtle and serene vibe I would go with the Carrara.

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Raehelen and Lottery, thanks for the feedback. I do have black thresholds at the entries to the room that match the black shelf. But I will go with the carrara. I have been in and out of the bathroom looking and I like the calm of the carrara. The slight color difference is really negligible. I like the "no worry" that it will offer too.

(blah blah blah) I'm glad I don't have to rip the black shelf again to fit, as it is too deep to fit now that I had redesigned my installation of the tile into the niche accomodate the narrower depth of the 4" carrara piece. I tiled and then the carrara will be butted into the spot, instead of putting the shelf in and setting the tiles on top of the stone, like a typical counter and backsplash. I had wanted to set the tiles on top of the stone, but it wouldn't work with the carrara. so I changed tile install to keep my option of shelves open. (blah blah blah)

Raehelen, you are a stitch...and you are excused! Have fun getting supplies for your vanity. Regarding grout lines, thanks, they are 1/16th. I have a picture of the niche detailing and grout lines. I cut and eased the edges of the field tile to get a flush modern look.

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The shelf is installed:

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The carrara shelf looks great!

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Looks good! I can't wait to see the finished project.

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Love that! You are clearly building my next bathroom. ;-)

Always ;-)

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Thanks Hunzi! Today I might get some more tiling done. I do about 8 tiles per week :O I only work on the weekends. I just don't have the energy after work.

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