HIA and New Clay

rosie_gaMarch 6, 2002

The only thing I was really interested in was Kato's new clay......Looked to be totally different and that's probably a good thing......... although the rotozip kinda caught my eye.

Whatcha think?

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They would have to leave it for the end of the show, lol! The Kato mica shift pieces were lovely- that is one of my favorite techniques. I liked the Rotozip spiral saw, too- it looked very easy to handle.
I was also interested in the Fiesta alcohol-based inks from USA Artquest for my rubber stamping. They also showed a similar product I think demonstrated by Bella Rosa.
Did you see the leather pieces that won the competition? Just wonderful! Especially Barbara McGuire's grand prize poly clay & leather purse.


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McGuire is just about my favorite.....she seems so down-to-earth and has the neatest ideas. Yes, the purses were great...I also like the scalloped shells that had been cut from leather. I saw paint on Carol's show yesterday....maybe old but new to me. It was called Decor-it Paints. Each color holds it's own color and doesn't mix. I thought that was quite grand. If you didn't see it, the show episode was 1150.

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I was so happy to learn something from Donna Kato on the special: apparently I've been overworking my clay trying to do the mica shift thing. Of course, her clay is probably better! ;--)
I love Barbara McGuire's work, but I liked the 2nd prize purse best.
I was especially captivated by these paints that work on "anything" --paper, glass, plastic, wood... even polymer clay, I assume!

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Rosie, I forgot to mention about those paints on Carol's show. That guest (sorry, I can't think of her name at the moment) has shown those before. She did some neat "blueware" or Delft-look things. And the Michaels around me had some of the paints and accessories on clearance. There are probably new colors or bottles or something now, but your stores might have them too.
I thought it looked like lotsa fun!!

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My PC bombed out on me Thursday.....a blooming virus. Anyway I just got the system restored. OK...now. Will look for the paints....I especially liked the green with the red dot because it looked like an olive.....LOL.
I think it would be fun to decorate the handles of knives and forks...especially for a party.

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