Beverage Refrig or 18' dishwasher? what would you do?

alishfranMarch 20, 2012

I am a frequent lurker and am hoping for some good advice as I replace all my kitchen appliances. We are replacing our 18 year old appliances this spring and doing a minor renovation since the sizes are different than when this kitchen was remodeled in the mid-90s. Currently, we have a wet bar area in our kitchen that has a small prep sink and an 18" dishwasher. We also have a full sized KA new d/w in another area of the kitchen. We use the 2nd d/w about once a month, though, if it were quieter, I would probably use it more.

So, what would you do? Would you replace it with another 18" dishwasher, a full sized d/w or a beverage refrigerator? If you have a 2nd d/w, do you use it regularly?

We are replacing our current KA BI S/S 42" refrigerator with a SZ 42" S/S refrigerator.

Thanks for passing on your insight.

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Personally, I'd go for the second dishwasher over the bev. fridge. When my new KA dishwasher died after 9 mths I was really wishing I had a second one.

I guess it all depends on how many people are in your household. If your only dishwasher died, can you handle hand-washing while warranted parts are ordered, back-ordered, and reordered again? It took 6 months to fix our dishwasher. And there is still an issue...

Between my husband and 3 teenagers, I nearly lost my mind. Had it just been the two of us, not such a big deal.

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Thank you Mamacotti -- that is one thing I hadn't considered. We are a family of 5 and although my two boys are only 6 and 9, they are already starting to eat me out of house and home.
I think I might post over on Kitchens to see if they think I could fit both in.

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