Transfer Method on Duvall

rosie_gaMarch 11, 2003

Hey did you guys catch Carol's show attaching a link.

pretty cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clay Transfer

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Very cool! Her projects always are. But I still don't understand why you have to go to all that trouble. Couldn't you just bake an inkjet copy onto clay covered with TLS? She made a point about it being on white clay because you can see through it once it's removed from the paper. But the paper was white. Do you see what I'm saying? Couldn't some papers be baked right along with the clay? I know I remember a project (online) about baking stickers then coating with UTEE.

Just musing here...
I'm happy to see something where you don't have to run out to a copy shop!

My favorite part of that episode was how she made the clay come over the image with a little texturing!

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Did you notice only the one she was working on looked like a good dark transfer? The others were kinda foggy and milky looking?

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I didn't notice that; I must've glanced away!

I've been seeing a flurry of discussion about this here & there on the web and from what I understand, you must use MATTE photo paper. (Now, I don't think I've ever seen it in matte...) It's not specified on the website, it only says Epson. But I read that it should be Epson Matte Photo-Quality Inkjet Paper.
One person said she tried it in a toaster oven, too. She smoothed the liquid clay with a credit card, then baked 10 minutes at 300° F She recommended this temperature ONLY for liquid clay and said it turned out great in that little time.
However, I wouldn't even try my toaster oven! I know that the temp fluctuates and will burn clay. Not that I haven't been known to make the same mistake twice --LOL!-- but not that one!

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That was an intriguing project (on Carol Duvall). Have
been experimenting with various ways/papers to accomplish
the same thing.
Gleaned the paper to use from some great gal on (polymer clay site). Tried it and it works pretty well. (Of course, the first time I printed my pics on the wrong side -- you have to have better light/eyesight than I have to tell the difference.)
The paper is Epson Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper, Stock #
SO41062. Got it at Staples - 100 sheets for less than
$15. By the way, it is Matte, not glossy.

If you can't get all of the paper off when you've done
the TLS process, soak your image in some warmish/hot
water then rub the remnants off with your fingers. The
picture on the clay doesn't come off.

But if I ever get tired of doing it that way, I'll do as
Lia questions, and just slap some picture on a slab of
clay and perhaps coat the top and bottom with the TLS!

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