Keramiplast Air-dry clay

akaLiaMarch 26, 2002

I was looking at the website of Fran Saperstein and noticed she mentioned this air-dry ceraminc clay by Lyra. I looked at the Lyra site and realized I've never seen this clay in the craft stores. Never heard of it either. And never saw this Carol Duvall Show project using it:,1158,CRHO_project_8541,FF.html

Anyone tried it? Cheaper than polymer clay, although it only comes in 2 colors... Looks like fun though...

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New to me too.....The bowl was really pretty...looked like hydrangeas. Thought I had seen EVERY Carol. It does look interesting.

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Oh yes, I remember that show and had printed it for my project notebooks.
I haven't ever noticed this brand of clay in my local store, but had figured on using Marblex or Plastiroc clay which are both air-dry clays I have used previously in the classroom.
I have a pack of some other air-dry clay around here but of course now I can't seem to find it! The brick-sized pack is foil, mostly white, and the mfg. is German, but I cannot remember the name. It is found with all the other clay supplies in the craft store.

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DAS Pronto is what I have. Gosh, that was bugging me!

Here is a link that might be useful: DAS pronto clay

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