Outlets in the drawers and inside the cabinets

alina_1March 7, 2014

I am working on the design of my master bath.
I really want to get rid of clutter. There are many brilliant ideas on this forum.

Check out this thread for example.
If you scroll down (or search for "Outlet in a drawer"), you will see the picture of the outlet that is installed inside the drawer and moves with it. I know this idea was very popular on this forum few years ago.

Another possibility is placing the outlet on the side of the sink cabinet (see the same thread for pictures).

Some people also place outlets inside medicine cabinets.

I really like all these approaches, but I have few questions. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this.

  1. Can someone post pictures of the back side of that outlet in the drawer? Or maybe even tutorial? I remember seeing it long time ago, but can't find it.

  2. What are about codes? If we will install something like this, will we have problems? We are in MD if this matters.

  3. I am thinking about buying this vanity. Do you think that the outlets can be installed in the drawer and in the vanity cabinet with doors? The drawer should probably be the second from the top in the most left cabinet. This drawer looks roomy enough for the hair dryer and curling iron. Maybe, for toothbrushes as well.


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When we completely remodeled our master bath in 07 we put outlets in both medicine cabinets for our electric toothbrushes, and we put outlets behind each vanity, in the wall as normal. Then we plugged in a small power strip similar to this:
power strip.
We cut a small hole for the plug in the back of the drawers. I've got my hair dryer plugged into it. (And I did have a curling iron also but I don't use one now).
I've been very glad that we took the time and effort to put these outlets in. My hairdryer and both of our toothbrushes are never out anymore.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Just curious about those of you who keep their tooth brushes plugged in all the time. I have had a Phillips Sonic for years and it holds a charge for at least 2 weeks before it needs to be plugged in overnight. I don't like to have much stuff on the countertop. Do some have to remain always plugged in?


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I keep my sonicare plugged in all the time - mostly because it stands up better on the stand. I have it hidden in an appliance garage. And that makes it always ready to pack for a trip; no need to remember to charge it before leaving.

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I love that thread of bathroom storage ideas.
The key to check with the electrician on code for flexible wiring behind the outlets. You don't want to accidentally pinch the wire and years of stretch and bend could be problematic if the wrong materials are used (but remember the cooktop from years ago that pulled out to use and pushed back in for storage - so the technology should exist)

We keep our sonicare toothbrushes plugged in also - mostly to use the UV cleaner but easy to store it that way.

I might put in a garage as well but only if I can recess it a bit into the wall so I don't get claustrophobic.

I need to figure out the hairdryer and curling iron so watching for ideas.

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I had planned on doing the outlet in the drawer in our remodel but my electrician (good friend) strongly advised against it. To many concerns with hot appliances being left on and closed up in a wood cabinet.

I agreed the risk wasn't worth it but I am still adding a cabinet/drawer to keep the appliances in and using a metal container for them to sit in to cool off.

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I used a pull-out drawer in our recent reno. Moved an outlet that formerly was above the vanity to behind the cabinet. You can't see it but it is actually below the pullout. The pullout is slightly shorter than the shelf below it, allowing for the cords. The shelf below can accommodate taller items like my Clarisonic. I don't use a curling iron so I don't worry about leaving anything turned on.

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I can't load but one photo at a time with my iPad so here is a front view with the drawer closed. Pic is a little blurry. Sorry.

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Thank you for the pictures guys!

I actually found the instructions. See the link if you are interested. Not very detailed, but it gives an idea.
To avoid closing the drawer with a heated curling iron in it, you can install a killing switch behind the drawer - it will turn the power off when the drawer is closed.
There is also a heat resistant mat you can put into the drawer to protect it.

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