Help with bench and niche layout in shower

Mom23EsMarch 30, 2012

I'm just starting to figure out our master bath. I've been spending so much time on the kitchen and overall floorplan of our new house that I feel like the master bath has been a bit neglected. I *thought* we were getting a bench in our shower, but after reading some posts here, it turns out that the 7" the builder has drawn in is really more like a ledge. I'm hoping to lose some of this pregnancy weight, but there's no way I'm going to fit my bottom on a 7" bench ever again. LOL!

How would you suggest adding a bench? Extend the bathtub edge more? Would you put a bench on the longer side instead? I'm pretty sure I don't want any empty space under the bench because I think that will be harder to clean.

Where would you put a little niche? I've read different opinions about it, but I don't really know which wall is less obvious for seeing shampoo bottles and such from the rest of the bathroom.

Any other suggestions about the bath overall? Thanks!

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Tough to comment without there being a plan attached to look at.

I would recommend for maximum flexibility that you forgo the built-in bench and just use a teak bench, or something similar. It can be used in the shower or outside the shower as needed. It preserved maximum flexibility for shower usage...and wood can be a bit more comfortable than tile to sit on.

Whenever anyone plans on a bench or sitting down, I always encourage them to have a handheld on a hose somewhere in the shower. That way the handheld can be used specifically rather than generally. A second wall bracket can be placed on the wall down low for leg shaving or for whatever.

For niches, I want utility first. To be able to stand under the spray and easily reach for a bottle of shampoo without having to take a step. I prefer a sidewall for the niche, to the bather's left or right, instead of it being on the wall directly in front that the shower head is on. Then there is visibility. Some like to hide it, but to me, that's the least important. If your shower's sight lines are all equally unequal regarding niche placement, then go for water spray and ease of reach.

As to "other stuff", try to place the shower controls so the shower can be turned on without having to step into the shower. The goal would be to stay dry when you turn it on.

Depending on the size of your shower, when I get over 4' square in footprint I start looking at 4 can lights in the ceiling with gasketed shower trim kits. More even light, fewer shadows.

Ventilation. Don't skimp on it. Good ventilation (proper CFM, proper duct size and length for overall proper air movement) will be your #1 thing for minimizing shower maintenance in terms of latent moisture causing mold/mildew, etc. Fan noise is a big reason people don't use their fan. So consider a remote fan.

Also, have the fan on a timer switch. You turn the shower light on, the light and fan turn on. You turn the shower light off, the lights turn off but the ventilation fan runs for a preset time...usually another 20-30 minutes before it automatically turns off.

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Oh my goodness! I can't believe I did that! There were so many egg in frying pan warnings when I was a kid, but no one warned me what having kids would do to my brain. Sigh. I'm a bit too scatterbrained these days.

Mongoct- Thanks so much for all your ideas, even without the picture! So many important details that I'm sure I only would have realized a few years down the road!!! I wonder how hard it would be to move the shower door? Such a good point about turning it on without getting wet.

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your master shower is 6 feet long, which is pretty big. you could add a few inches to your ledge without hurting the size too much i would guess. or you can do one of those fold-down teak benches which look really nice..

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