what color appliances are easiest to keep clean?

vaf262March 2, 2009

I have black appliances and they always show fingerprints, and see that stainless does as well. I have had white apliances many years ago and don't remember fingerprints being a problem. Do you think white is easier to keep clean looking?

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If you have large windows leading to significant natural light, black appliances will show dust and fingerprints quite a bit more than white and the opposite is true if the lighting is mostly artificial. IMO

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White is easier to keep looking clean. I think black is the hardest, kind of like a black car.

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I just got rid of my horrid black mucky appliances, I now have white which is much better, but my smooth finish fridge still shows fingerprints but not nearly as bad as black!

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I have a black frig that shows nothing. It's textured so maybe that's the difference. The white I had before showed a lot. On the other hand, the black cooktop I have now shows fingerprints and streaking so I'm always using windex on it. I have heard that there is a new coating they're using on some of the stainless steel that doesn't show fingerprints. Anyone know anything about that?

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I had white and am switching to stainless, but realize that I am going to a "harder to keep clean" kitchen. When I asked at an appliance store the immediate response was white is by far easier to keep clean--and they have to clean them all so they look polished, etc.

It's a function over form question again.
Good luck.

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White appliances are easiest to keep clean. The hardest to keep clean are stainless steel. I have all stainless appliances and I am getting rid of all of them ASAP!

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I think its all a question of your natural light source. We went for all SS appliances and I just dreaded the thought of always wiping them down, but all our big windows have northern exposure and the one kitchen window is west facing, so they never get hit with bright light. I can honestly say that except for the occasional splotch on them that I would have seen on my old white appliances as well, they have been a pleasure(that and stainless steel magic wipes)

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I've had white and bisque and found them both very easy to keep clean. I'm going (reluctantly) to SS in my new kitchen and hope I won't be sorry! White didn't work and every salesman I asked said that bisque is hard to get now and will be harder-to-impossible in the future . . . so SS it is.

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If you like the look of stainless, but not all the messy smudges, why not choose the "fingerprint-less" stainless. That's what I have and I love it, best of both worlds, and no messy fingerprints to polish all the time.

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I've had white and black appliances, but chose stainless steel in our new kitchen because that was the predominant colour shown in the dealers' showrooms, plus the only finish available on the pro-style ranges I was looking at. I was fairly afraid (I'm chronically lazy) of the upkeep after reading so many negative reviews here about the unavoidable streaking and finger prints on ss surfaces, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that mine are no trouble at all to clean, once armed with a selection of dollar-store micro-fibre cloths. No cleanser required, just a moist cloth, and everything looks new again.

BTW, I have a selection of ss finish types, since no two of my appliances are of the same brand, but all clean up fast and easy with a micro-fibre cloth. I'll bet one would work on white and black appliances also.

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I am trying to decide between SS and black for a new refrigerator. Since it is in fairly strong natural light, I think I will opt for the SS. The one I am replacing is SS, and I wanted to warn everyone to NEVER use a regular scotch brite pad on Stainless. My refrigerator is scuffed and I can't do anything about it. I didn't realize it would scar the finish, as I have used scotchbrite on SS sinks, etc. Sometimes there is residue on the surface that requires heavier cleaning than just a soft cloth and soap. I use kitchenaid stainless cleaner and Sheila Shine, which work well on fingerprints and light spots. I used to have a white pebbled surface frig and hated it. Hard to clean, and the plastic coated handle darkened to ecru.

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