Thermidor 48" Pro Series Grand Comm dual fuel??

PattyjillMarch 16, 2013

Just was in appliance store and salesman had me looking at this. It's got the full size convection oven with a warming drawer and steam oven. Thoughts??

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We also looked at that and we decided on the Wolf Steam Oven (much larger than the Thermidor). Compare the insides of both.

We did Wolf for everything....we stacked the steam oven, regular oven and warming draw. We did the Wolf 48 range top. I also didn't want a hot oven near my legs while I was using my cook mine are separate.

Good luck with your build!!

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I really like the Thermador Pro Grand Steam, but ultimately wanted a gas grill and a griddle. But for the money, the T-dor has a lot of appliances rolled into one. You don't really need the stupid second oven in most dual oven ranges, so yes, they made it more functional. The warming drawer is a nice touch. Compared to many other nice brands I like the way the knobs feel and the doors close, all quite well appointed.... The burners look fine, but having owned a sealed burner system I will admit they aren't easy to keep clean. Yes you can wipe them, but you end up "pushing" crumbs around as there is nothing to wipe them into. Also the black porcelain tops never stay shiny.... I would argue that I'd rather have a open burner surface made of cast iron, as it is made to look "not shiny" all the time... Those are the reasons I didn't go to this oven, but if you don't really want a real grill, and really want a steam oven without sacrificing cabinet space, this is your best shot.

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We just installed this Thermador range about 2-3 weeks ago. So far I'm in love with it. We wanted a 48" range to maximize counterspace. I also like the symmetry with the 48" fridge (we have a U shaped kitchen- one on each side of the U) I have never owned a steam oven before and really am just learning to use it, but its my new favorite thing.. Best bread we have made ever. I also especially like the easy pullout racks in the large oven. If there is anything specific you would like to know please feel free to ask. I seached high and low for feedback from someone who actually owned this range, and understandibly since its new, there isnt that much out there. I cant yet speak to long term reliability of course, but I did speak to some local appliance repair people and got favorable reviews on Thermador ranges in general.

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I'm glad to find someone who owns a pro grand stream. The main oven is quite large, how long does it take to pre heat? Do you really think the steam oven can hold a 14 lbs bird like they say?

What do you think of the griddle so far?

Keep us posted as you use it more and more. We are really considering an all thermador kitchen because their cost right now is very competitive and each appliance is quite good in its category. Deciding b/w the progrand stem vs a 36 inch range top with stacked steam oven 30 inch pro wall oven. The second configuration skips the griddle and warming drawer but saves thousands. The range is a showpiece though.

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I have a 48 inch Thermador, but not with the steam oven and warming drawer. I love the griddle. I think we use it at least once a day.

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I have a 48 inch Thermador, but not with the steam oven and warming drawer. I love the griddle. I think we use it at least once a day.

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I have to say we definitely get a lot of use out of the griddle. Probably every day as well. We are a family of 6, 4 boys... Pretty much there is always someone hungry it seems :). Use the griddle for sandwiches a lot, burgers, my oldest son raves abt reheating pizza slices on it. (He actually said the griddle is his favorite thing in the new kitchen). not sure how much you save with the separate appliances, but give some thought to skipping the griddle.

Preheating the larger oven... I haven't paid that much attention... Seems its ready before I am usually, so it works for me... I'll pay attention next time and post back. I think the steam oven probably could hold a 14lb turkey... But it would be just a turkey... No veggies or anything in the roasting pan.

We went with the complete thermador package .. Buy one get one deal. So far very happy with all of the appliances. Upgraded to the star sapphire DW...smooth pull out racks was the selling point, which are nice, but the time remaining image it projects on the floor.. I thought was a ridiculous gimmick, but have to say... I really like knowing how much time is left.

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