A 'Beary 1st' Valentine Anniversary Together !

slinkeyFebruary 10, 2011

Some of you may remember my Valentine Bears from last year...well I didn't want to forget their 1st Anniversary Together here.

I put this table together real quick with everything I already had. The tablecloth is a quilt that I've used in some tablescapes before

The 'Anniversary Couple' was from CTS two yrs ago and the Cupid Bear (from my bear collection) was a gift yrs ago.

The Dishes are layered - Heart plates - CTS.. - Johnson Bros Pink Castles...Red Dinner Plate - KMart on Clearance last Summer..Napkins - CTS @.$.50 ea.. the Chocolate Candles - CTS last yr...Red Flatware (I know - again)..CTS.

The Heart Stems.. are borrowed from DD : )

Last Pic...

Hope you enjoyed looking..


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Marlene Kindred

Slinkery...I had to laugh when you said, I put this together real quick with what I already had! It's like saying "What? This old thing?" Your table is so cute! Love everything about it...the plates are gorgeous, all of the "heart" decor, etc. is just too cute! If this is what you can do real fast, I can't wait to see what you can do when you take it slow!

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Beary sweet, slinkey jane! Happy Anniversary to your precious couple! A fun table! Love the stacked place-settings & the linens are just so CUTE for V-day! Quilt is a perfect t'cloth for this 'scape! A fun, Valentine-y table! TFS! Jeanne S.
ummmm...I've been thinking, I don't own even ONE red plate! And I am lovin' seeing all the diff ones on the V-tables!

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Jane, wonderful Beary Valentine Anniversary Party you created. Love your layered dishes and DD's stems are so pretty. Perfect for your table. I wanted to take a bite of your choc. on the heart plates until I realized they are candles. Sooo cute.

I'm sure you already know but I was browsing the web one night and one of your Valentine table scapes came up. I knew right away it was yours.

Jeanne, the only red plates I had was the Churchill until Christmas and Valentines this year. So I'm hoping you find some soon while out on one of your shopping sprees. I forgot to mention on your post, I love your new book!


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marlene...Thanks for your nice compliments...I bet if you 'shopped' your home, you could put together a very lovely table, pretty quickly too! lol
That's what I do when I get inspired..and, you'd be surprised, when you get an idea, you look at the things you have, with a different eye!

Thanks Jeanne..In the past two yrs, I started adding red to my dish collection. If you have White as a 'staple'..then you've gotta add red!

punk..glad you liked everything. You've been a big
'Inspirational Enabler' here with all the nice tables you churn out!
As far as those choco candles...you'd be surprised how 'chocolatly' they smell..hard NOT to take a bite.
How the heck did you come up with one of my tables on a web site?..that's kind of scary...lol


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Jane, your bears look so cute and I love the pretty rosebuds on your quilt/tablecover. As always I love the way you stack the pretty plates and your DD's glasses are just perfect for this table. TFS


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Awwwww....nothing says LOVE like a Teddy Bear, except several Teddy Bears!
Your napkins are really adorable! Everything is. And I totally "ditto" what Marlene said!!

hugs, Karen

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Jane, Happy 1st Anniversary to your adorable bears!! Very cute table, So bright and cheerful. Love it!

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Jane..and others of you, occasionally on google when I click on Images to browse photos of something (like Xmas decor) there will be one from our Inspiration albums. LOL.
Not sure how that happens but it doesn't bother me.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Ladies..
As much as I enjoy doing fun tables like this one..
it's nice to know others enjoy seeing them.
Glad the Beary Loveable couple brought Smiles to your hearts!!

Karen..I didn't know that about our 'stuff' showing up elsewhere..I guess that's okay with me too. If we're posting it here for the 'World' to see, then why should it matter if it pops up elsewhere! Right? lol
Thanks for the heads up tho.


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Just a very delightful table - so many pretty Valentine Days plates out there. I am hoping to find some on sale after this weekend. I have a new store close by now called Burkes - pretty much the same set up as TJ Maxx or Marshalls - gonna hit that one for sure for Valentine clearance

Love the bears and the use of the quilt for a tablecloth - I love the thinking of outside the box TFS .....


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So cute!!
Since I wasn't here yet last year, this is new to me.
It all looks wonderful together.

It is another example why I yearn for some CTS's around here! : (


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Thanks Lynne..your new store sounds wonderful...
Good luck with the after VDay sales - and if you get something good..don't forget to share!

Thanks Candy...
I think with all your great finds from Tag Sale-ing...you don't seem to be suffering too badly w/o a CTS !! lol


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