Stickers on clay

akaLiaMarch 10, 2002

I had been wondering about this... I have some neato stickers I've been hoarding and I just ran across instruxs for using them with Sculpey.

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Another new there no end to projects with PC? I would think the heat gun that is used to melt the embossing powder would mess up the clay....maybe it's not left on too long.
If stickers would work, I would think rub-ons would too. HMMMMMM!! May need a diversion tomorrow.
I had a color copy made at Staples the other day with the intention of transferring to translucent clay. It would not transfer. It was a commercial color copier. Any ideas?

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Rosie, I had the same trouble with color copies and heard that the brand of copier was important due to the type of toner used. I need to look this information up again, sorry. What are you using as your method of transfer- a solvent?
The heat gun can actually cure raw clay but I think it is OK on baked clay if you keep the gun moving.

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I wasn't using any solvent....just burnishing. Have done this before with a fabric oriental lady that I copied. It looked like a brand new copier at Staples so it may not be the old fashioned toner type. Will check the next time I go up there.
I did run across this on some website.....

You may wonder why bother using the Acetone Transfer method for color image transfers. The Photo Transferred image is vivid and wonderful. This is true but there are times when I prefer the softer look that Acetone Transfer gives. This really depends on the project I am doing. You can buy Photo Paper/fabric transfer paper at any office supply/computer supply store. I have bought them from Best Buy and Office Max. Photo Transfer method transfers practically EVERY DETAIL. Sometimes I don't want that effect. Then I would opt for the Acetone Transfer method. As with all the other transfer methods. Experiment! Experiment!

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