Face sculpting

Lia_SCMarch 4, 2003

hey guys,

I've been a *little* distracted lately with this sculpting thing. I have to thank Rosie_GA for helping me get the flesh-tone Kato clay; I haven't found it in my area yet.

Now I think I'm totally obsessed! :-D

I posted the face I've been working on in the gallery. Keep in mind she doesn't have eyebrows or lashes yet. Nor pupils in the eyes. (I tried all those with clay, but took them off again!)

I welcome your creative criticism. Are her eyes too wide-set? Are the proportions wrong? What does she need/not need? It's sometimes hard to tell until I've walked away for a while and come back. I would appreciate seeing her through your eyes!

Her hair is temporary; I had to put something on to see how she looks as a woman and not just a mannekin head! I'm thinking about doing something with PearlEx on her hair. It's my first sculpture, so it's just an experiment!

Here is a link that might be useful: gallery pic

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WOOOOO!!! Looks like the lady that is on top of the cliff in England in Wuthering Heights...(hope I have that right) Great looking lady. The mouth and nose are great. Like you said darken the eyebrows and pupils.

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Fantastic!! You should send it to that new magazine.

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Wowie Gazowie!! You are good! This is worth the three days.
Maybe wait on the pupils until it's been baked then carve them out with your rotary tool and backfill with the dark color.

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Thanks, ladies!
Well, I must've burned out --she's in a ziploc bag and looks really spooky now. LOL! But that prevents dust and keeps me from tweaking her face every time I walk by when I should be doing something important, like cooking or cleaning. It's just way too addictive!
But I am going to finish her. I'll let ya know.
Good idea about the pupils; I do want them perfectly round and that would be a solution. I couldn't get them round with clay which is why I scraped them off. I think I should have baked the eyeballs first, but I didn't. To redo it now would be to wreck the face, at least partially.

BTW, this is funny work. It actually feels kind of creepy --like I'm working on a real person. When I slice off something it's almost as if it were really skin.
Still fun, but it makes me feel like Dr. Frankenstein! ;-)

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Hi Lia -- Wonderful face. You are a natural!! -- Show us more... Michele

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Thanks, Michele! As soon as I get something else done to her, (or something new) I will!

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Ohhhh! I think she is stunning. What is her final destination?

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She's beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

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Hi Lia - I'm teaching a head sculpting class tonight and thought of you! I made this feller in a couple hours yesterday -- so I'd have something to show the class. I thought you might get a kick out of it. I haven't named him yet - he's either a Crazy Wizard or a Mad Scientist. I'm going to make a puppet out of him. -- Michele

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Michele!!! Whoa-ho-ho!!! He's excellent!!! And you did that in 2 hours??? Okay, I give up! LOL! LOL!

Now, do tell, where'd you get the eyeballs? What kind of hair? And how long have you been sculpting?! The lower eye-lids are great!

I don't think I told you, when I first got that Barbie-colored clay ;-) and started playing around, I made a face that looked just like my father-in-law. Exactly! It just kind of happened. It was so funny!

Your guy is definitely a scientist. Or maybe a computer geek!

As for my "Mrs. 3 days' Worth", she's still sitting there waiting for me. I know once I get started I'll be too focused to do anything else.
Thanks, Taunia and gramcraft; my vision is to get her on a plaque with some kind of clay background.
Michele, I think I need your class!! :-D

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Hi Lia -- Thanks! He is my first one. I made him for my class to have something to show the class. LOL

The eyes are clay! everyone thinks they are glass or painted but they are white, blue, black and a speck of white again for highlights. The eyelids are just pieces of clay blended over the eye.

The "hair" is blond curly lamb hide that I got off eBay. I just cut off a few curls and white glued on.

I had no idea "who" I was making, but he turned out scarey! LOL -- I'm going to make a puppet of him - need to make hands, now that might be a challenge. -- Michele

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Your first one????? Michele, I can't wait to see your second and third and ....!

The eyes are just... WOW! They look so real!!! How did you get such depth? Did you polish them or is that white spot just tricking me?

Do you also make clothes? When I look at sculptors' work, I'm as amazed at the clothing as the body.

Have you visited Katherine Dewey's website and message board? (I've gone no-mail with PCP so I may have missed some of your post.)

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WOW!! That is really fantastic Roanimare! Is he all clay or is there a base of some sort inside his head???

Between you and Lia I'm just wanting to try sculpting!

Paint Drop Hugs!

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Hi -- Thanks! For the eyes - I just poked a big socket and then made the eyeballs and placed them in - then added the lids upper and lower. I think the white speck of highlight makes them look more real. I haven't sealed the head yet in anyway - but might just do the eyes to give it the "wet" look.

As for clothes - I think I'll make him a puppet like I said and use material - I'm not the best sewer but if I plan it first, I should be able to make something. I'll need to make myself a pattern.

No, I don't think I've seen Katherine Dewey's site. I'll go google it. I'm no mail at PCP too. I get tired of the pasta machine questions! LOL

Lia - The face you made is wonderful too! I don't think I could do it like that. I think we all have our way of seeing things spacially (sp) and we sculpt from that view. I love your face. She is just beautiful.

MryRose -- He's all clay except, there is a foil and wire armature underneath. His head is not solid clay inside. You should just dive in and try sculpting. You'll redo a few times, then it will come to you. Look at your own face to understand the different structures. Its fun. -- Michele

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