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aliris19March 3, 2012

You gotta listen to the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (NPR) sendup this Sunday (3/3/12) on brick/mortar v internet sales... about 45min into the show.

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I've found over the years that buying from a local appliances store beats the big boys by a mile. I was in the Santa Fe (NM) Lowe's yesterday and I always check out appliances. Their department was so poorly organized, displayed, and staffed that I would NEVER ever consider buying appliances there.

We feed birds (we live in the mountains) and buy birdseed supplies at a local store. The clerks even help us take purchases to our car, try that at Target or Walmart. Buying local is a real mantra in Santa Fe.

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I do as much as possible for food, gifts, furniture, etc. As for the appliances in my new kitchen, I tried to buy local. I really tried. None of the stores around here would match prices I found online. They all said sorry. In my selfish interest to make my budget stretch as far as possible in our whole house reno, I went elsewhere. I try to console myself knowing that at least two of my appliances (and maybe three but I'm not sure about my Wolf ovens) were made in the US. I promise to do better...

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Hey all -- Wait Wait is a comedy show! I thought we'd done enough discussion of this by-now-iconic matter. I hadn't meant to reignite the discussion but to shed a slightly light-hearted view of it.

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Here we go, at 2min 29sec

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Sorry, gotta go to "Panel Round Two" and it's closer to 2m26sec start

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I listened to part of today's show live and must have missed your part. I am very familiar with the show but could not find anything related via your hints. Probably I am not skilled enough to move through the links. But with my experience of the show, I would imagine most would have no way to find it.

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I think I listened to the entire show today but I don't remember that segment - AH - maybe that's when mail man rang my doorbell. And I can't find it on your link.

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Chas, it's easy to find with the updated instructions. Pull up the link, choose Panel Round Two from the list on the right, and move the slider to just before 2:25.

But, oh, good grief! Aliris, I think this was probably pretty hysterical if you were listening along and had been through the whole push-pull of the local/online debate, but as is I found it rather repulsive.

Speaking of, though, more and more the chain stores don't have the products I'm looking for. Things they all used to have. More and more, I'm buying stuff from Amazon, both for myself and for my folks, because it's really easy, and figuring out who has what locally is just too hard, nowadays. This is part of an overall change in the way goods are distributed. Change is inevitable. Much as I like to support local businesses, they've all been eaten by out of town chains who discontinue the products because they want a higher sell through rate. It's their own danged fault.

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Hmmm -- sorry! Thanks for the instructions, plllog. And my apologies for even bringing it up -- I was just convulsed by all the same language that gets used on here, but of course in this ludicrous context. Same arguments, different "product".

Got into this same discussion yet again today with a family regarding kids' activity-stuff. It's pervasive. Growing pains of technological revolution.

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No need to apologise! Just offering up my reaction. It's obvious that the whole discussion is happening over and over all over the country for it to be coming up that way.

Re activities, even ten years ago when I was looking for soccer socks for a kid in another state, I could only find a couple of places in the big city here that had the right kind.

At the same time, a friend was dealing with a lot of correspondence to other countries for his music collection. Now they all have websites, e-mail, PayPal, etc., and all the odd little recordings are available at the click of a mouse. And the obscure things that one used to only be able to get if one knew a guy who knew a guy are accessible too. The process is the same, but so much easier if one can e-mail.

It's good. It's bad. It's in between. There are still people who need buggy whips, and people who make them. And there's someone in Texas making new DeLoreans out of old parts. :)

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I thought it was hysterical. I could just imagine the local guy talking about better service, what happens if you have a problem, and whether you could end up with a different color from what's on your monitor.

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Well OK, as Marcolo is my hands-down vote for funniest guy on here, that seems like a good-enough endorsement!

Still, I wish I hadn't posted! But it was the language, not the content or subject that was so funny. I guess that's the point of humor - sort of verbal algebra.

I *saw* a DeLorean the other day! Maybe I know why now.... Not that this is Texas of course.

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There's a guy in the hills who's had a DeLorean since they first came out. Might have been him. You can buy one of your own from the Texas guy too. Plus, he does DeLorean resale.

Re the bit, I got the language part--as I said, I could see why you were tickled--it's just the context that got to me. I like mysteries, but am so sick of them being about murder, and if it dwells on the manner or humanizes the victim too much (i.e., makes it real, rather than a rhetorical construct), I get repulsed too. I can take Bugs hitting Daffy with a frying pan because then the frying pan is Daffy shape, or his bill falls off and he puts it back on. It's a gag. Can't deal with Disney cartoons, like where Mickey comes home and kicks Pluto across the room, slamming him into a wall. Repulsive.

It's not you. I just find the context repulsive and the subject interesting.

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