Polymer Clay Mouse

cece_March 18, 2002

Today on Carol Duvall at 2PM.EST

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I saw that......goes to show you....all projects broken down into small steps are manageable. Just practice...

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I tried this with her. Had to work fast (since I didn't have my clay in little balls like that, and no needle tool handy), but it was fun. Kids said my mouse looked like an evil gargoyle. I thought it looked like a kangaroo with a very long tail. LOL! A face only a mother could love!
(Now I want that book!)

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HA I think a gargoyle that size would be great. Or even combination of gargoyle and mouse.

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He is really cute!
You are right, Rosie. Like the saying goes: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

Here is a link that might be useful: poly clay mouse

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I would show you my mouse but DKs had a good time making his head fall off and switching with another head I tried. (Couldn't get the ears quite right!) We had an entire claymation show! LOL!

BTW, I just grabbed a pack of brownish Granitex to try this and it seemed to me it dulled my blade! Anyone else ever noticed this? I haven't worked with the Granitex much at all. (DS 11 made a great sock monkey from the grey like someone else demo'd on Carol once.)

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I believe that would be a Gar-ouse or a mouse-oyle !!

I was called into Grandmother action and didn't have a chance to tape or see the darn show after I recc. it. Oh well, probably too advanced for me !!


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Cece....it wasn't advanced....just a practice thing. Check it out on HGTV's website. I do like your names for the new creature.

I have only used granitex once but didn't notice it then. I used it for the bows on the little baby in the diapers. Also made some of the diapers in blue granitex. BUT...it could have been dull and I didn't notice it.

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He's darling! I've wanted this book for a long time. Maybe I'll just have to break down and buy it now.

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