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jfosterMarch 6, 2007

I work for a small school system in southeastern Michigan. We have just started a ceramics/pottery program in our Art department. A new kiln has been installed and we are almost ready to go... My question is, are there any web sites or forums we can visit to get a jump start on a program for our teachers that anyone can recommend? I've done several searches and haven't come up with many places that offer a detailed message board or forum just for ceramic/pottery/kiln use and school related programs. I know that may be asking a lot but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jon.

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Try here, there are some linked resources for teachers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kiln Goddess' Clay Pit

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Hi Jon, I have found that it is beneficial to integrate some history into clay lessons. Perhaps you could focus on different cultures and their clay use. You could start with Native American traditions and then begin to look at other countries and cultures. Use clay and art history books for inspiration. You may also want to focus on two distinctly different types of pottery: Utilitarian and sculptural. You may have the kids create likenesses of animals in clay, as a sculptural method, then possibly cups, plates or utilitarian pieces, or even have them make integrate the art with their every day lives. This will help them to make a connection between art class and the things that are around them all of the time.

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