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roserabbitMarch 1, 2002

Here are 2 sites I found. The items look like they could be made with clay.

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roserabbit- those wall pockets are beautiful. You could probably use water-slip decals or another transfer technique to put images on polymer clay or one of the air-dry clays. The Krylon 18K leaf marker would make a very nice gold trim, too.
I like those simple little keychains, too. They are a nice shape but have lots of potential for decorating.


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The wallpockets are grand. Clay would definitely drape like the edges of them. I plan on getting some photos and pictures together to take to the copy shop. I have plenty of pressed pansies and could try the wallpockets. Want to make a whole page of designs and get the biggest "bang for my buck" at the copiers. The keychains look like a prime candidate for the lazertran process.
Glad you passed these along.......

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