Countertop & tub surround -- marble v. Cambria

sweetandrewMarch 27, 2013

We are planning a renovation of our upstairs shared kids' bathroom and our master bathroom in our 1920 Colonial Revival home. In the past two years, we renovated our kitchen, using a beautiful Imperial Danby (Vermont) marble on our perimeter countertops, and we renovated our basement, using Cambria Tourquay (marble lookalike) on our wet bar and laundry room countertops.

I am pretty much set on using Cambria Tourquay for the countertop in my kids' bath (especially after the lip gloss and nail polish messes my tween daughter and her friend have made recently). I am thinking of pairing it with a hex tile on the floor and subway tile on walls and combo tub/shower. We will have a custom vanity likely painted the same SW Alabaster as our kitchen cabs and all of our basement built-ins, and I'd like to use cabinetry paneling on the front of the tub as well.

In the master bath, I would LIKE to use either the Imperial Danby (Vermont) marble or a similar (not so gray-ish) marble as countertop and tub surround material, but I am concerned about the cost. I think we paid $2000 for our kitchen slab (included fabrication I believe), and from what the builder has told me, we couldn't use one slab for the countertop and tub surround in our master bath. He said that there would be an oval cut out in the middle of the slab for the undermount tub and the middle material would end up as waste (as opposed to using it for a run of countertop). So in order to stay within our allowances, I am considering the Tourquay. Floors in master bath will likely be the same hardwood as in the rest of our house, and custom cabinetry will likely be painted the same SW Alabaster as kitchen and all basement built-ins. I want to have the front of the combo tub/shower paneled in cabinetry, also likely painted SW Alabaster.

My questions are: does anyone have pics of a tub surround (I think that is the correct term -- it is the "countertop" around an undermount tub) in Cambria Tourquay (or similar Silestone or Caesarstone marble lookalike)? I have seen plenty of pics of Cambria Tourquay countertops but not the tub surround. And what reasonably priced tile would you pair with the Tourquay? White subway? SInce we have combo tub/shower and will have a custom shower curtain in both baths, I am thinking that the tile inside the tub/shower area isn't as important because I normally keep the shower curtain closed.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Don't know if you've considered this, but we broke our vanities up with a make up drawer dropped down between them. The vanities are counter height. Because there are three separate tops, we were able to use the center section cut out from our undermount tub and were able to get everything from one slab. There were extra costs for the edges on the sides of the counter, but it was less than purchasing a second slab.

Another fabricator had also recommended that we do pieces around the tub in four sections seamed together. Does that make sense? This way they could easily get everything from one slab. He insisted it had to be done this way or it would crack during transport. The fabricator we ultimately chose reinforced the edges and was able to transport it without any problems. I was really annoyed he tried to convince us it had to be done this way, but it might be an option to consider if you really want the marble and need to get everything from one slab.

Unfortunately, the painters are in the bathroom today and tomorrow so I can't get any pictures to better explain myself.

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I have seen a tub surround done in the new Silestone. I have marble in my kitchen but I'm thinking of doing the Silestone in our bathroom. It is the prettiest marble look I have seen. DH liked it too. Sorry -- I didn't take a picture.

Transporting anything with a hole as large as the tub in the center is going to risk cracking. Stone has natural fissures and weaknesses. They can tell where some are most likely, but not always. The reinforcement helps, but I doubt even that is without some risk.

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Thanks for the input. After considering this further, I have decided that I really like the marble look better and am not concerned about wear & tear in master bath, so I am going to start looking for a remnant to use for the countertop & tub surround. We will have a vanity tower between the double sinks so could definitely break up a run of marble there. The builder did say that a stone tub surround would need to come in 2 pieces (two U shaped pieces with seam in middle of tub). I am not particularly interested in marble tile on floor or walls or inside tub/shower so surely I can come in within budget by just using marble as countertop & tub surround. :)

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