First thing I ever did with Sculpey (spelling?) Clay

Kitt_IAMarch 5, 2002

A friend and I went to a class for making a Valentine necklace...with a clay heart and paper beads. I ended up making the Valentine heart into a pin instead of a necklace, though. It was fun and very easy to do. We used a rubber stamp on the clay...baked it and then colored the top of the design with a leafing pen...a lot of fun and you don't need a lot of equipment to make it....

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rosie_ga are hooked now...line up your next project.

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Kitt- I think stamping into clay is one of my favorite things. It brings 2 of my favorite crafts together.
You can also rub in some of the Pearl-ex mica powders, some of the new metallic acrylic craft paints, or even some of those sparkling body powders that are so popular right now. I have gotten a few at the dollar store and they look great rubbed onto the clay using a little pom-pon as a puff.
If you ahve a picture we would love to see it!


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