Here's the second floor

kateshomeFebruary 28, 2013

Please let me know what you think of the second floor. Thanks!

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I like both floors! One tiny suggestion would be to consider adding a second window to the bedrooms so you can have light from two directions. It makes the space feel nicer to have windows from two sides. But it also impacts furniture placement, so I could see going either way with it.

It's a really nice plan as it is. :)

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Ditto the windows... and a door to the master bath may be useful.

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Zone4newby - Yes there should be windows on two sides in the bedrooms. I don't think though it will be possible in bedroom #2 because of the height of the garage. But will talk to architect about putting more windows in the other bedrooms. Thanks!

LuAnn-in-PA - We just caught the missing door to the bathroom as well!!!

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On your Master shower door, make sure you CAN have an inswing door there. Or, it can be a pivot door that goes both directions to meet code. Code actually cares about swing of shower doors (though not toilet doors). You have the correct swing on the toilet doors, well done.

What is the l-to-r dimension of the closet? At least 6 feet?

I like your plan.

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Kirkhall - Will check o the swing of the shower door, had no idea there was a code for the swing of a shower door! The l-to-r dimension of the closet is 8' 8 1/2". Thanks for your comments.

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I like it. Nice and efficient. I would look at enlarging the windows in the bath and laundry. Really only the laundry is where I feel it was needed, but I don't think you can do one without the other without unbalancing the exterior.

You might consider making sure the wall between the two bedrooms are sound insulated so guests don't have to hear snoring from the other bedroom since there is not a natural break with closets or something else separating them.

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Have you thought about switching the toilet and the bathtub in the hall bathroom so that when you look in from the hallway you don't see the toilet? However, if you do switch them you have to be comfortable with a window in the shower and not everyone is, plus I don't know what size you intended that window to be. A window higher up in a shower can be okay.

Do you intend on having a sitting area in the master bedroom? If not, I would have a reach-in closet opposite the bed and make the current walk-in closet smaller so the master bathroom could be a bit larger.

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Lyfia - I think you are correct about enlarging windows. The builder did say that he insulates between bedrooms.

Dekeoboe - Never thought about the toilet, really don't want to see it from the hall and good thought about how to make the master bath bigger.

Thanks for your comments!

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