Newbie here

sweetdesignincMarch 2, 2007

Hi I am a newbie to the forum and also to ceramics. I just recieved a huge blessing from a lady that has been doing ceramics for 30+ years....she sold me her old kiln for $100 and I am buying her bisque pieces for $1.00 each and she is giving me molds and you can see I have been truly blessed. I had bought a couple of molds before meeting her and have poured them. I have never fired anything in my life and can't wait to learn. I have been cleaning the bisque pieces I have gotten from her (they had been in the garage for quite some time) and have started painting them. I would love any advise anyone can give me. I have my own website that I will be selling my pieces on and also I will be going to flea markets with them so please give me some advise on anything.

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