Easter Egg Boxes

lamb43March 22, 2002

I'm trying to make up for lost time here. I wanted to make something special for my DD's for Easter, and thought of jewelry boxes. I made a egg-shaped form, which might have been easier to do if we weren't vegetarians LOL Anyway, after a lot of trial and error, I finally made one to my satisfaction. I covered my homemade mold with sheets of clay ala Rock purses. Baked it, then removed the clay shell while still hot from the oven. The first worked well, but the second one broke in a couple of places. (*Note to self: Gold Bond powder is NOT an acceptable substitute for cornstarch) I've added feet to each, and flowers's in each DD's fav color. I've only finished one so far, one in the works, and one more to make. Hope I make my deadline!

Just thought I'd share. Photo's in Gallery

Here is a link that might be useful:

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From a different angle.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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They look realy "spring-y." Good idea. Might be able to make a vertical egg. Make top jagged like a cracked egg and put a tiny yellow chick in the top. HA...listen to me, I have plenty of ideas.....I need to say "crafter, heal thyself and work on them myself." LOL

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Ooohh Lovely idea, Rosie! (that's why I like this place so much- we're all so creative!) I want to make one like that, and one with a tripod stand that looks like leafy vines, maybe put roses or those grape-like flowers on the egg..

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Those are darling! What did you end up using to create the egg shape? And what else do I see in the picture- cool little books? Do tell!


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Very cute and fun, Lamb! Reminds me of the sugar eggs we were discussing in crafts. I love the legs! I've used the plastic Easter eggs before, but they're not all created equally --some melt more easily. Wooden ones are good though. Did you make these to open?
Rosie, LOL! What is it they say about genius? 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration? Or is it the other way around? Aw, heck, let's just call it 50-50!!

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I saw the Emi lady on Carol's show today making the washi eggs again. They just fascinate me. Have only seen origami paper and I think it's the washi(with fibers) that makes it conform to the egg shape. I am going to try that this weekend.

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I made my egg mold, or I guess I should call it a form, with aluminum foil. I crumpled up a sheet of it tightly into an ovoid(? egg) shape, then covered it with scrap clay, and baked it.

When I made my first egg box, I covered the mold with thin sheets of clay, cutting darts to fit, and smoothing. When I had it covered, I wrapped a cord around it, pressing very lightly to make a neat pattern to follow, then cut along that line with my tissue blade. I baked that, then while it was still hot from the oven I ran my Xacto knife along the line I cut before baking it, and gently wiggled the two halves apart. The first one worked great!

I lined the halves with gold pearl, made a lip to hold the lid in place, made then attached the legs, and baked it again.

After the second baking, I added another thin layer of my original pearl to the outside, not only to make a smooth seam between the gold rim, but also to strengthen the join between the bottom of the egg and the legs. I baked it again.

Finally, I added the ribbon, leaves, rosebud and rose, and baked it one last time. I was a little worried that I might be baking it too much, too many times, BUT because I used a white background on my egg, I didn't want to chance 'staining it' in the process of adding the decorations.

I've taken more pictures (which aren't too bad, IMHO, compared to my earlier ones LOL) and will post them ion the gallery. I have some close ups, open eggs, and closed eggs, so you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about.

Oh yes, the little books that are in the first photo's? I have more of those, too, and you can find them in the Paper Arts gallery. I'm addicted to them, I tell ya'!

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Lamb, thanks for all the great tips for these L'eggs! :--) So your white didn't darken at all after the different curing times?
Your aluminum foil egg reminded me of something:
You can put foil in your dryer to reduce/eliminate static (instead of a dryer sheet) and you can get several uses out of one piece of foil. After several go-rounds it will become an almost perfect egg-shape. Pretty cool! 'Course I never thought about using it as a form.
I like these little jam-sessions, too! :--)

Oh, I was pretty hooked on those little albums, too. I liked the itsy-bitsy ones, but I always meant to do a largish one. ..

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The newest picture looks like they are candy......sooooo smooth. Nice job.....

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akaLia- I confess, on the first baking, I had originally made the 'legs' for the box out of the same pearl, attached and baked it, and the legs turned a toasted almond brown! I'm still puzzled as to why that happened to the legs, and not the rest of the egg. Any ideas? Anyway, I corrected it by covering them with the gold pearl and am very happy with the results.

I think the reason the rest of the white (the second thin layers, and original) didn't darken is because the layers I used were extremely thin, thus a shorter baking time. The petals on my rose are so thin, you can see light through them, which I am really happy with! It's nice that the translucent clay not only makes them stronger, but also gives them the look of fine porcelin.

I like the tip about the aluminum foil in the dryer trick! I'm going to try it when I next do laundry. I want a larger egg form LOL

I want to try the larger album, too! I just can't help being a little intimidated at the fact that the instructions say you need a sheet of paper 47 inches by 11 inches. Where would I put it to fold it? How could one manage it? DH took me to a scrapbooking superstore today, oops! I mean yesterday LOL and I was kind of looking around for some. I imagine it must come on a roll, like giftwrap maybe? I'll continue this on the paper arts forum.

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