pots cracking way after firing

Lorraine76March 21, 2014

Hello everyone,
I have some cracking/breaking issues after glaze firing and i would like to discuss it with someone who had similar problem.
I slipcasted the pots (lots of them), than bisque fired them, after glazing, fired again. After the kiln cooled down loaded off the kiln than the pots began cracking, breaking one after another. Even a day after they're continuosly breaking. I've already made a 100 of them about a year ago did everything the same and i don't know what went wrong this time. Could somebody give me some advice in that concern?
Thanks & regards

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Did you let the pots dry completely after applying the slip?
Did you raise the temp. very gradually for the bisque firing & leave the lid cracked for a while?
Same as above for the glaze firing?
Was the kiln cooled slowly after the firings and completely cool before opening?

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It sounds like your glaze and clay are not compatible, they are shrinking at different rates so they literally don't fit. So if your glaze shrunk more than your clay, well it's sort of like The Hulk bursting out of his clothes...

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based on what upstate said, maybe you used high fire clay and low fire glaze, or vice versa?

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