For those of you with rain shower heads...

shredsledMarch 10, 2014

Do you ever use both the rain head and standard (or handheld) head at the same time, assuming you can? How important is this feature to you?

I am close to pulling the trigger on a Hansgrohe S 240 showerpipe, the only thing stopping me is the built-in diverter valve only allows you to use the rain head or the handheld, not both. Otherwise looks, reviews, price, etc. are good. Trying to decide if its worth skipping this system and piecing one together just to be able to use both heads at once. I will not have body jets.

I understand the practical considerations here (e.g. reduced pressure from using both, emptying hot water tank, extra plumbing, water bills), just curious to hear about user experience.


P.S. new member here, this forum is full of great info.

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My set up is (1) 10" Hansgrohe rain head (no built-in diverter), (2) Hansgrohe handheld on a slide bar and (3) three body sprays. I have three separate valves. I use the rainhead and the body sprays at the same time because I love the rain head and I also like the feel of being surrounded by the water. I rarely use the handheld, except when I want to shower without getting my hair wet or to clean the shower. In theory, I could use everything at the same time, or use just the rain head and the handheld at the same time but it would never occur to me to do that. That would not be an important feature for me.

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We have a rain head and a handheld. The valve we have allows the two to be on individually or together. We usually have both on at the same time. There is no problem with the pressure or flow when they are on together.

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Thanks nycbluedevil. My thought was, since I am skipping the body sprays, I could use the handheld as a sort of body spray.

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I redid our master bath three years ago and have the Hansgrohe S 240 showerpipe with a hand-held - they can NOT be used simultaneously.

My wife and I both find that the force of the spray from the large flat head is not strong enough and thus we each ONLY use the hand-held unit... generally leaving it in thye pipe holder.

We have good water pressure >60psi and a 3/4" line up to our second floor bath.

I think we are glad we got the two heads from an esthetics perspective - and for re-sale some people attach great value.

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I wanted to be able to use either the rain head or handheld or both at once. I found I had to put the system together. I used the Moen Velocity rainhead with a hans grohe Croma handheld. The valve and diverter are Delta Vero. I am VERY happy with this set up. The Velocity is nice because it is the rainhead and also can easily adjust to a more directed spray which my husband prefers.

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