Suze Weinberg's Gedeo

linda_AZFebruary 25, 2002

Anyone use this before? You mix 2 parts which are clay like and press them into anything to get a rubber mold impression and then you can pour your GTEE from the hotpot in the mold hand make all kinds of things. Sorry if I'm not clear. I purchased some but it is pricey. Does any one know how I could get the same results but with something Cheaper? TIA Linda

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Linda so the resulting rubber compound is creating a flexible non-stick mold? As long as you have a mold that the GTEE will not stick to, it would work. Probably plastic candy molds and Sculpey push-molds. Maybe other molds if they are coated with a release agant like silicone spray (WD-40).
I bet you could get the same type of stuff (like a dental alginate) from Dental supply place or a place that sells model-making supplies, but I don't know how the cost compares. I think the dental alginate runs about $6 a lb.

HTH, Karen

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Thanks Karen, What I bought was 2 containers about the size of a petrie dish for 16.00. I want to make more molds and this dental product sounds just like what I need. Linda

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Holy smokes, Linda! That's a little expensive! Do a google search for the alginate if you need to buy online- it isn't hard to find. Hmmm...maybe I'll get some, too.


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