Dining Room Set & Silver

creekdwellerFebruary 27, 2012

When we moved to this house 17 yrs ago, I told Sug, I want a new oak dining room set. For all those years I have looked and never seen the "one".

I found it on Craig's List. It was and is just what I had imagined. But, I didn't know what kind it was. This is an Oak Thomasville Mission Style Dining Room Set. The table has 2 leaves and two arm chairs, and 8 straight padded chairs.So, it will seat 10. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I did get the guy to come down quit a bit. He said his wife almost had a heart attack. But, Sug said, you have wanted one for 17 yrs. and it is what you want, so go for it..He went and picked it up for me. Had to take his trailer. And it was another one of those hour trips one way.

But, I didn't find it until after Daddy came to live with us.

As I had to turn my dining room into his room, the table and chairs are stored upstairs.

I'll get to use it and put it all together one day, but, I'm not in any hurry for my Daddy to leave.

Sometimes I say, Sug, I need for you to do me a favor, and he will say where do you want me to go now?

I think I MIGHT keep him!!!LOL


Here is a link that might be useful: Dining Room & Silver Goblets

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Beautiful, creek! I LOVE Mission Oak ...that is why I'm going to get my 14 - yr old Flexsteel couch covered instead of getting a new one...it's in great physical shape & I love, love the Mission Oak wood style! (the $$$ to recover will be as much as if I bought a really nice new one!) Your china closet is GOREGOUS!

Goblets look lovely as do your heirlooms! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Creek, beautiful china cabinet. So many pretty dishes. Love how you decorted it. I can see we will be enjoying more to come.Yeah!!! Glad you are sharing pictures. It sure helps keep things alive here.


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Creek...that China Cabinet is beautiful and was well worth the wait!
I too love how you have it decorated with those lovely dishes and vintage jewelry.
To have your Daddy there, to enjoy ea day, is a blessing
Your DR set will be there to enjoy in the future.

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That is just beautiful, Creek! Well worth whatever you paid for it, and to have waited 17 yrs you certainly deserved to get this set.

Your Sug is most definitely a Keeper!! Whatta guy!
Tell him he's got a fan in Phoenix. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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WOW Creek, the china cabinet is gorgeous!! I love mission style too.
You did a great job decorating it with your pretty china, vintage jewelery and your new goblets. You put such a high polish on them that they look like glass..just beautiful!!
I said it before your DH is a keeper.

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Thanks everyone.

Nana, I had to LOL when you said I put a polish on them. They are exactly the way they were when I took them out of the bag the girl gave them to me. A camera can do good things and bad things sometimes. However, I did ask her how often she had to polish them and she said about every four months, if kept in a closed cabinet.

She said they came from Toledo Spain. What ever that may mean!


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