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rosie_gaFebruary 23, 2002

Has anyone ordered the Kato clay? I'm waiting for delivery. But I want it NOW........Patience is not one of my virtues.

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I was set to order some last Saturday, but then my eyes landed upon a box of Sculpey III that I have had left over from teaching. I can't justify buying this new clay while I still have 88 packs of Sculpey! But yet I'm not wild about this Sculpey at all. It feels like I'll never get this all used :-(

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I tried ordering it, thinking that 24.99 was such a good deal, but something happened in the checkout process. I reported it and heard back that the problem was solved. But when I went back again, I couldn't find anything about the 24.99 deal. :--(
I really want to try the translucent. I was experimenting some over the weekend and so unhappy with the results (plaquing/airbubbles?)
Karen, 88 packs??? Do you have every color of the rainbow?!

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Not hardly, lol! I mostly have basic colors(primary & secondary), some flourescents(they are good to mix in to take the dullness out of the other colors), and black & white in multiples- whatever I picked up at the crafts store when they were running sales.
Lia, I hear you on the air bubbles- they are a thorn in my side, too!

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