Should Dirt Be On A Table?

phonegirlFebruary 19, 2012

Not sure this is right for a cp on a table but works for me since it's faux. What do you think? I found this little potted plant at DP and thought it was kinda cute. As you can see the dirt is spilling over. I had some little pots so added votive candles in them. Used more butterfly ornaments around the pot on this table.

The little s & p's were DH's DGM's. One of the few things I kept for him.Sigh I dropped and broke one of my clear candle holders so dug out some old blue and gold candle cups from Home Interiors and added them for the candle holders on this table.

I also picked up the large yellow plates at DP for $10. They have Open Invitation on the back but I couldn't find any info on them. I just liked the style. The gold salad plates are brand B from TJ Maxx, the family bought me. The small ones are DM's Royal Doulton Old Trentham Sprays. I also used her gold sherbets.

Just noticed I left the two back napkins on the plates and the front ones on the sides.Opps

This is the lg chicken I bought at Cracker Barrel. I need to stay out of that place as I loved so much in there. It looks as tho the old one in the back is cackling. Isn't that just like a bunch of old hens?LOL

Best get busy and do some more around the house today. TFL.


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Definitely, if it is as cute as this CP!!
I love the layering and the colors are hinting at spring. Those large yellow plates are sure feeling like sunshine days ahead. I'm drawing a blank, what is DP? The lacy napkins are a very pretty addition to this table as well. The chickens are too cute.
Sorry about the broken candleholder, but it is an excuse to go out and look for a replacement! LOL
I actually found a candleholder at GdWl the other day that matches my pink rose Christmas Tea set. There was only one when I bought the original set, and I have been looking for the match for several years, and Voila!! there it was!
So, you now have a quest!
The buffet in the background looks great too!
Wonderful arrangements as usual.


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Oh, I've been looking for a 'Hen' like that one, punk! We don't have Cracker Barrel here but there are some in IA...I will have to ck the next time I'm near one! I have some Rooster stuff in my kitchen (just a bit) & I've wanted a white Hen (ceramic pottery) to go w/Rooster on top of fridge! She's adorable!

Your place-setting are so Spring 'purdy' .... love the yellows ...the linens, the placemats & those big new yellow dinner plates! The gold sherberts & the small Royal Doulton's of your DM's are just lovely! And I chuckled at the cute S&P (Humpty & Mrs.?)eggs!

Wow, you're bringing in an early Spring...hope it comes true!!! Love it! Jeanne S.

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This table makes me want Spring to be here NOW!
The dirt looks like the flowers were just planted in the garden. I love the butterflies.
Great idea using the little pots for the votives.
Sorry you broke one of your candle holders.
Those little S&Ps are sooo cute, and perfect on this table.
The sunny yellow plates look so nice with the checkered place mats.
Your new Hen is quite the grand lady. I think the one in the back is squawking because she is being upstaged! lol
I loved looking. TFS

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Punk, I just noticed the little bear.
You always add something unexpected to your tables.

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Of course, you have it quite contained and it's perfect with your flower cp. LOL Love your placemats, and what a good find on the big yellow plates. So nice that you can use so many of your DM's items and enjoy them. So sorry about the candleholder, but like Candy said, now you will have a "quest" to find it's new mate. Thanks for sharing your pretty sunny table with us.


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Punk you've managed to put a smile on my face again today with this Spring Table -
Everything says 'Sunshine & Flowers' !!
I agree that your CP flowers looks like they were just planted..very cute.
I like the layering of your dishes ...with the pretty Sunny yellows. Your DM's Royal Doultons
and gold sherberts are a lovely 'topping'.
Pretty PMats and amber stems... Oh and I just love the adorable S&P from DH's DGM...what a presure treasure.
Love your Hen..She and beauty and makes quiet a statment!
I was at CB last Sunday...I know what you mean about wanting to buy everything there. Such great things there and good food too!! lol
I enjoyed this table - Thanks again for the 'Rays of Sunshine and Flowers'!!


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Say, that's such a refreshing change from the winter and valentine tables we've been seeing lately. I like the color yellow, especially when it shares a space with black. Your little pot of giant poppies is darling.

I am totally jealous of the hen. I like big plump ones. I don't think there is a Cracker Barrel anywhere near us. I think they must carry the cutest stuff. Everyone seems to come away with darling things - and I turn green when I see them.

Nice job all around.

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Candy, DP stands for Dollar Plus. So glad to hear you found a matching candleholder for your pink rose Christmas Tea set! I will be on the lookout while ys this summer.

Jeanne, I could pick a hen up for you but I think the shipping would horrible. Let me know. The S & P are the fry pans and trying to stay off the hot stove!

Nana, the place mats were Christmas gift from family. DD said I could set a table with them and she would gladly take them later.LOL I think your probably right. DMinlaw gave me that one for my 4th of July table.

I added the little bear for two reasons. 1.Blue Flowers 2.Playing Bandoneon (Spring Music) I was planning on putting the couple on the swing but when I got to the cab. I decided to share DH's S & P shakers.

Luvs, so glad you enjoyed this table. Think of you and yours daily.

Jane, so glad you shared your Cracker Barrel finds on here. They do have little things that are reasonable too. I didn't eat there but the kids have and enjoy it.

OA, I tried to get on Cracker Barrels site tonight but it wasn't being nice. The shopping wouldn't load. I would be willing to send you a hen too but not sure the shipping would make it worth it.

Thanks so much everyone for all your sweet comments. Glad you liked my new potted plant, etc.


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I ckd Cracker Barrel site & couldn't find the hen ...we have Hobby Lobby here so I keep lookin' for a big plump white I'll keep lookin' & IA has listings for 3 Cracker Barrels so I'll probably be near one some time! Thanks, punk! Jeanne S. (shipping is a killer)

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Jeanne, hope you find one. How far is the closest CB to you? Could be a fun trip to plan on. I keep thinking I need to make a crate w/nest for mine. Any ideas on this anyone?


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About 2 hrs, punk, in diff directions for 2 of them...there's 3 in IA. Who knows...may get there!

I have a wire basket & put eggs in it that I like to use w/the rooster on top of the fridge...a nest sounds cute...straw or that mossy stringy stuff would work good ...or if you want to be 'frou frou,' maybe some mohair yarn for the bedding in a ceramic type bowl or something like that for the nest. I like your hen just sitting out like she is now, too! ;-)

Maybe a 'wire cloche' like this?

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Jeanne, sorry I'm so slow at getting back here. Love your wire cloche w/hen and chicks. It's so different than most most we see. I haven't tried to come up with something for a nest but thanks for the suggestions. Must be time to start thinking about where I stashed my bird cage too.LOL

Sounds like you'll make it to a cracker barrel one day if you do any traveling. Hope you make it after one of the Holidays and find lots of good buys! Things there are so unique. I love Jane's little rabbit plates from there.

We have been so busy at work that I didn't even want to shop last weekend. I ran to get some thermal paper at our other store and that's as far as I got. I ended up having to buy a new cr crd terminal Monday and got it today. We had wireless installed and our computers seem to be working finally.

Done some baking and making for the family and one of my nephews for a change last weekend. He works away from home for Rail Link. He plowed us out during our big storm and wouldn't take any money. I made dinner rolls, banana muffins, popcorn balls, rice krispie treats and sugar cookies.


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Punk..once have a 'Heart of Gold' making
all those goodies for you nephew - and, 'in your spare time' !! lol
I don't know when you squeeze in sleep doing it all..

Jeanne....when CTS was only on Cape Cod -
I used to shop there when on vacation...
Years later, they opened one about two hrs from my home when
I lived in NY...DH - DD & I would make that trip in the Fall and Spring...
It was worth it. Now, there's one
less than half hr from home...!!
There's a CB in NY about an hr from me. DH & I go there for
breakfast every now and then. We even got friends, who live
an hr in the opposite direction, to meet us there and they loved it.
So maybe you could plan a fun trip to go to CB for
breakfast and shop there too, I think you'd enjoy it.


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