'Masterpiece' pins

akaLiaFebruary 12, 2002

Today I just had to try a project in the new Expressions magazine. It's the little paintings by Phyllis M. Annett. I don't have any Genesis paints like she used, although I think they sound extremely fun! So I baked the clay frames with a blank "canvas" and painted my "masterpieces" with acrylic paint. They took me virtually ALL DAY!! I guess I'm pretty rusty when it comes to drawing and painting. :--/

I've posted them in my personal album if you'd like to see:

Little "Masterpiece" Pins

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Think I'll print out your pictures, cut out the ones in Expression and put yours there. Needless to say.....I favor yours.

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They're beautiful, Lia! What a wonderful idea, they truely are Masterpieces! You should be proud of them.

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Thanks, guys! Rosie, ROTFL; that's what my kids said. But what do they know? That artist probably whipped those up in a few minutes. I labored over mine all day and got a touch of carpal tunnel. And didn't I empatically declare that I wanted *nothing* to do with miniatures??? LOL (I forgot to mention they're only an inch or two in size.) :--/

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O my, they are wonderful! Did you use regular acrylics? I'm kinda up in the air about those Genesis paints.

A new Expressions, huh? A magazine junkie's favorite words..."new issue"


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Karen, thanks! and why are you up in the air about the Genesis paints?
I used regular acrylics like Apple Barrel (?) but mixed with some Liquitex (tubes). Why are they so different? I really wanted to get a thick, goopey look, like oils... And since my "canvas" --which was some old Bronze Sculpey I don't like-- bubbled up 'cause I forgot to get the clay out when the oven buzzed (duh!) I had a pretty good start on the goopey look! LOL!

Oh, and it's not the new issue of Expressions; it's the first one. I just meant the magazine is new. Sorry! (The next one should be out soon --I can hardly wait!)

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Lia- doh! sorry- I ran to their web site & saw a pic of a new issue & got all excited. Now I remember that article.
It's a quality thing with your paints. The Liquitex is artist grade acrylic & the crafters grade is more "watered down" with less pure pigment.
I guess I'm up in the air on Genesis cause I already have so many different media, I'm wondering what the point is. Why do you need something to stay wet until it is heat set? To me that's asking for trouble- it will end up on my sleeve or something! And what if you are using mixed media that you do not want to "cook"? I have Pebeo paints, acrylics, oils, acrylic ink, fabric paints, waterproof ink, watercolors, dyes, and every manner of pastel, pencil, marker & crayon. You can "cook" some of these without problems so why do I need really them?


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God has truly blessed you with a wonderful gift. I see now why you are so hot for sculpey...you have such a wonderful talent. i haven't even opened mine, but I"m holidng on to my "excuse" for as long as possible...ROFL! as long as mary is INSIDE, i'm too tired, and when she comes out, I'll be too tired!

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