I gave up!

LibbyLizFebruary 9, 2002

I have two pieces of (bisque?) white casted ornaments/decoration that I bought as greenware & did the 'shaving' of the seams & had them fired. I started painting them with acrylics, but now don't want to finish what I started & would rather sell them.

Is there any way to remove the paint bringing the item back as close as possible to white so someone would want to buy it to finish themselves?

I've never tried removing paint on anything other than wood or terra cotta planters, so I thought I'd ask the experts. :-)

TIA for any info provided!

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I don't know about bisque....might call the people that fired the piece and ask if it's possible. Might be some chemical or mixture that would take it off.

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I think the paint would soak down into the porous surface and have stained it permanently.

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I received two private e-mails telling me to refire & that the paint would come right off. The people that wrote said this is what they've done before.

I tried soaking them in water to see if the paint would just bubble up & peel right off, like on terra cotta, but not so. But then again, the paint didn't soak in because I was able to scratch some off. It's just too much work to scrub for hours to remove the paint.

Yet, it's probably too expensive to refire the items just to resell them for pennies.


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