Bathroom layout - please critique!

carsonheimMarch 7, 2013


Building a new house, and here's the first design on the bathroom from my architect. I'm not crazy about it -- I feel like there's a lot of wasted space in the middle of a big square.

What would you do differently? Any and all opinions are welcome!

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It is hard to comment with certainty - b/c you left out the wider view of MB and "her" closet. Where does the other door in "her" closet take you?

If there is any wasted space I would say it it is in "her" closet. Just the partial image of it shows huge amount of "walkway space" instead of using it for shelves, or dresser drawer, etc.

I personally DO NOT understand the logic for putting closet in the bathroom. I do not want my clothes and shoes next to source of moisture. I do not want to be getting dressed after a shower in a moist room. But. That is the owner's choice to make.

Make sure you have a good place to hang all towels - dry before shower, wet after shower, extra towels storage. They need to be easy to grab after shower, but not in the way that you will constantly bump them with our elbows.

Make room (hidden preferably) for toilet cleaning supplies, extra TP, etc.

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Cold you post the layout if the whole floor? Or at least include the surrounding rooms?

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