Rosie! Gin Transfer

meggiecatFebruary 4, 2003


The gin transfer gal was on Carol Duvall today! What a cool method. Works fast.!

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wooooo woooooo......makes me stutter. This was so neat. Have you been to her website. Some really outstanding work. Will hit the print shop later this week.....haha guess I'll run by the liquor store too. Remember she said CHEAP gin. The stuff on the bottom shelf.

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check it out..............

Here is a link that might be useful: gin transfer lady

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I'm really excited about this one. There is such great work on her website. Check out the process on glass. Really outstanding. Looks "old world."

Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV link for gin transfer

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Thanks for the link, Rosie!
Well, I was hoping the site told how much gold + how much turquoise she used. I tried my own mix and put way too much turquoise. It was TOO green so I just put the rest of my scrap of turquoise in. Turned out a really cool olive, though! :-)
Did you notice in the show she said the powder was "Statuary Bronze"? (It looked cool! But I don't think they have those at my local craft shops.) I checked it out at Houston Arts and here's what they say:
"Authentic Metal Powders" are metal and carry the characteristics of metal and retain the look and feel of metals.
 If "Authentic Metal Powders" are left unsealed, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Oxidized Copper, and Statuary Bronze will patina or oxidize and give a rich antique look to your artwork.
 Metallic powders can be annealed in the oven. This works on items, which will not burn, at 300 degrees for 5 minutes. This technique lends itself well to polymer clay.

Does that mean they'll turn green? I've had inks and embossing powders "oxidize" and it's just a kind of dullness, not a nice patina.

Oh, yeah, don't you just love those microscope slides!!

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Sooo kewl. I have gold powders in the basement. They were way before embossing powders or other metallics. Will check out the name tomorrow. They are so concentrated. The ones I have came with a safety warning because they are so fine. It's a breathing thing. The lady on the show was fanning it around like she was shooing flies......LOL I liked the bronze color but a real light rub n buff would look good too. But the bronze was so subtle.
Going to go find some slides.

Not sure what the annealed means......will do some searching. Her green was a good color.

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Just checked back on the show today. Do ya think the lady could have mentioned any more stamp companies?......LOL
The HOuston company also makes/sells the Omni-gel....transfer medium.

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Just read a posting in another forum about his process. The lady said she had taken a class with McGraw and they just placed a color copy (toner not home printer) on the clay.....burnished with a spoon.......and then baked, leaving the paper on. When it came out, she said the paper peeled off leaving the ink on the clay. She said not to waist gin. LOL Think I'll try both and see what the deal is.

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The faux ivory book I posted in the galley is embellished with just a B&W photocopy rubbed on the raw clay a few minutes until the paper begins to look a little oily and more transparent, then peel off and bake. The clay is Kato clay. You can lift the corners and peek to see how it is going. The best results come from older photocopiers and fresh copies.
I have a few bottle of "Pulver" powder that FIMO put out over 10 years ago...real metal powder which you have to be careful about breathing in..not mica-based like pearl-ex. sounds like the same stuff as what she used.
Lia- I love those slides, too! I'm probably going to take the microscope slide charm bracelet class at Artiology this year.

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"Do ya think the lady could have mentioned any more stamp companies?......LOL
LOL! I thought exactly the same thing!! Like I say, you have enough stamps, you can make any kind of art!

And Re: the burnish/baking technique, "She said not to waist gin."
LOL again! Well, I may never find out about either one, since I can never remember to get a copy of anything with toner...

Karen, you can make bracelets with microscope slides?? We have a few slides around here but I just get the willies when I handle them and think of getting cut. I know you can edge them with copper tape, but how would you safeguard against breakage with a bracelet???

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Lia- The slides get layered 3 or 4 deep with collage imagery in between each layer to add depth. I imagine you could use a clear-drying liquid laminate-type glue to help the layers bond and give them strength. Then the copper tape holds them together for the soldering. They are probably cut short, too. When you get that solder around the edge it gives them some support and protection. There is a sample pic on the Artiology web site....Linda & Opie O'Brien are teaching it.

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