Goldtone everywhere in the bathroom -help!

mama_miaMarch 17, 2011

I have to replace the gold-tone fixtures from a double sink -- they don't work (*see below) and are ugly. I would prefer to go with brushed nickel. However, the previous owners who remodeled this bath room in the 90's(?)were consistent with the gold tone throughout the bathroom. It is on the tub spigot, the hinges + trim + shower head for the shower stall, the toilet flusher, the door knob, and the vanity cabinet door pulls.

What would you do in this situation? Stick with the program and replace the existing gold-tone faucets with new gold tone faucets so things still match? (yech, I'm not a fan of this finish.) Or, replace the sink faucets with a finish and style that I like, but then that finish doesn't match anything else in the bathroom?

Other than the gold tone, I like everything about the bathroom (floors, vanity, wall color, etc.) But man, that gold!

*This is so weird, but to turn on the Hot water faucet, you need to turn it clockwise, and counter-clockwise to turn it off. To turn on the Cold water faucet, you do the opposite: turn it counter-clockwise for on, and clockwise to turn it off. Was this some 90's thing? It drives me crazy. The plumber says that some part has rusted shut and he cannot fix it without breaking it, so I need to buy a new faucet to get the consistent righty-tighty, lefty-loosey for both hot and cold. AND, one of the faucets drips, so I just shut off the water supply to that one. So this definitely needs to be addressed. Fortunately the other bathroom is normal.

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Personally, I would replace the faucets with the brushed nickel you prefer and then change out everything else as I could. Vanity pulls are easy to change. Does the door knob match the other door knobs in the house? If so, I'd probably leave it alone, otherwise, swap it out. Flush levers and tub/shower trim should be replaceable as well. Check with your plumber about replacing these. Shower door hinges and trim may be replaceable as well, or you might need to replace the shower door. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, you could replace all of the gold that's bothering you and have a bathroom you love.

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If it was my bathroom and I disliked it that much, before I replaced everything, I would try to refinish them myself. It looks like the shower door is easiest..some sites I looked at said you might be able to simply sand the gold off as it is plating over aluminum. If you need to, you then could use metal paint in the tone you want. I don't know how a silver/nickel finish would work..a bronze might be better - I have brushed nickel and a med bronze in my new bath and it looks fine (faucets all bn, lights, mirror, cabinet hardware are the bronze). In one post I found online someone suggested using a test faucet and proceeding to try different things until you decide if it is doable. Since you have to replace your faucet anyway, it could be your test piece for shower fixtures.

Here is a link that might be useful: painting gold fixtures

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Have you considered spray painting some of the gold items like the hinges? They have a paint just for that and I've read post after post where people have been very happy with the results. You could give it a try first before going to the expense of replacing everything.

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I had the same issue - here's what I did... I replaced the gold sink faucets and drawer pulls with brushed nickel. I felt the gold-trimmed shower door and shower fixtures were more work to change than what I wanted to deal with, so I decided to work with it. I searched the web and found new light fixtures for over the mirrors and towel bars/hooks that were brushed nickel with a little gold trim. That really tied everything together, and with those changes the gold has really been toned down. I really like how it turned out.

I left the door handles and hinges gold, because the rest of the upper level is that. Also, I left the toilet flusher gold, but that is super easy to swap out if you want. HTH!!!

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Thanks very much for the tips and ideas! I will look into painting the trim that goes around the shower enclosure, since I think replacing that would mean getting new shower walls - they don't look like something to swap out.

We did replace the gold towel rods and gold TP holder, since those are easy to do and not very expensive. The biggest issue/expense for me is the tub hardware. Unfortunate since it works fine, just unattractive - unlike the sink faucets.

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My advice is to leave it alone. If you're into the matte nickel, my guess is that in a few years, you'll be clamoring for some sort of brass. Ubiquitous trends are like that. The exception would be if you've always, or for years and years and years, loved things in a brushed nickel finish. Then I'd say, go for it because you'll always love your new fixtures.

Might be worth considering:

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