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meggiecatFebruary 28, 2003

I have fallen for this polymer artist! She sculpts figures

on wire bases. What do you think?

Laura Balombibi

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Absolutely stunning!

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WOW......don't you just love the chickens in the air?


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Did anyone click the next at the bottom of the page? On the second page there are some whacky birds with wire legs and tails.

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WOW, her work is awesome! It feels like Cirque du Soliel. Maybe I can catch her in person when she comes to Philadelphia in May!

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ohmyohmyohMY! I LOVE her style! I clicked on the 2nd page and wanted more. (There is a jester on the workshop page.)
You know I'm just ga-ga over all of the birds! DS says it looks like the umbrella is stabbing the woman in the arm --LOL! I love her wire-work, too, and did you check out the prices?! Just wish they showed close-ups and some of her wearable art!

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