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akaLiaFebruary 10, 2002

Instead of posting in the gallery, I thought I'd provide a link to the few clay pics I have online: My Wearables, Etc. Three of them are polymer clay and two are Paper Clay.

Rosie, thanks for the comments on my face and bone things in this gallery.

For the scrimshaw, I rub acrylic paint into the grooves in the clay. I discovered the fun of carving into the cured clay with my stamp carving tools. I don't know why I chose curved objects the first time I tried it! But they don't scan well, and DKs have lost the software to our digital camera. :--/ I've only done a few things. I need to perfect the "bone" coloring. I've really enjoyed researching the history of the art! :--)

I also have the components for a necklace I did with a kind of opposite effect: rubbing white paint into impressions stamped into blue clay, so it has a "calcified" look. I'll try to scan those, although I'd like to get them strung first...

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Enjoyed looking at your work......especially the patriotic "stamp" on polymer. Is that by transfer? All the work is really good.

Thanks for you have an outlet for your work or (like me) just give as gifts or to family members.

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lia, I love your pins! my favorite were the heart felt ones. so beautiful!

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Your work is beautiful, Lia! I can't wait to see the necklace.

Question? For your stamped pieces, do you stamp using just the rubber stamp, or have you stamped with ink, PearlEx, or any other medium? I've done some experiments with the shapelets kit, and am interested in hearing about others experiences stamping clay.


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Thanks, guys :--)
Rosie, no, I don't really have an outlet; I just toss most of it in a cigar box. And it's not even a decorated cigar box! :--( LOL! Sometimes I wear my own stuff. One year I gave makume gane pens with note pads to family members and I don't think they were appreciated. (Although I did get a compliment on the pyramid boxes I made to accomodate them!)
Diane, I had to paint the felt to get the colors I wanted. LOL! Someday I hope to afford REAL wool felt.
Lamb, I haven't tried stamping into the clay with the stamp inked up. I was reading about it in a Shapelets ad and wondering how that works... Do you have to use a permanent ink? I only have one color of Brilliance...
With the necklace I'm "working on" (haha, it hasn't been touched in several months!) I used buttons and other plastic filigree embellishments to stamp into the clay. I think I have tried PearlEx on the stamp without very good results.
Would love to hear more from those of you who've used the Shapelets...
BTW, I just received some cards in a Paperclay swap and several of them used inked stamps and looked great!

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