Choosing a new toilet for my son's bathroom. Need your feedback .

lilloMarch 3, 2013

I need to replace my son's bathroom toilet on Tuesday . I checked online and the best place goes to the ToTo Drake , but I don't want to pay more than $300 for it . My husband doesn't like the online buying , because of issues of returning if something is wrong. He doesn't want a product that will be difficult to find parts to. I have one dealer that sells them close by, but don't know for how much , and if they have them in stock too or not . My three other options would be the khoeler cimarron 1.6 gpf , the American standard cadet 3 or champion 4 . Any feedback please , because the plumber is coming Tuesday to install it . Thank you

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We recently replaced our upstairs toilets with the Kohler Cimarron in the elongated bowl and comfort height and put two Kohlers in a little dressier style downstairs. We're happy with all four of them.

I thought I remembered seeing TOT in the store but couldn't remember which store it was at. Looks like Home Depot has the Toto Drake in stock -- $292 for the elongated bowl in case that solves the return and parts issues, but I really don't think you'd go wrong with the Kohler, Toto or American Standard. That's not to knock Champion, I just don't know that I've ever had any experience with them or even heard much about them.

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This may be too late for you, but I had really good luck having my supplier (local) match online prices for all my bathroom fixtures. It's worth a try if you really want the toto from a local (not big box) supplier.

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We have used the AS Champion 4 for several years in the main bathroom and it has done very well. The surface stays cleaner and is easier to clean than the previous toilet - perhaps the finish is smoother. Most importantly, it has not clogged. Sometimes a child is over enthusiastic with toilet paper, you know? It has done so well that we just replaced the 2nd toilet with one.

A slow-close lid is a nice addition. Also a quick-detach lid for easy cleaning.

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If you are with a water district, check to see if they have any rebates for switching to low flow toilets. We replaced three toilets, and our total cost for them came to only $50 after the rebates.

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