Bain Ultra Origami

ontariomomMarch 18, 2012

Hi Folks,

We are trying to decide on our air tub. We want one that is about 66" long and probably around 34" wide. This tub will be used for both showerers and bathers, so it needs to function well for both purposes. We will get an alcove tub with a tile flange.

Does anyone have this particular Bain Ultra tub? How does it function for those taking a shower and/or for those taking a bath?

Thanks in advance for any opinions.


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Hi again,

Okay, we are also considering the Bain Ultra Meridan pro55 which is 66" by 34" by 20" deep. If you have tried this bath, can you weigh in?



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Carol, I have a mti Andrea tub that is 71 x 32 x 22. For a long time, I looked at a duravit air tub that was 17 tall for the same reason you are considering. I changed my mind when I got someone on the phone from duravit that told me they wished they had gone for more of a deep bathing experience. We have a 2 story colonial, and I thought anyone with mobility issues would probably not be buying my I went for it. So far I have not noticed. I even have 2 small children and they are fine as well.

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Onelady1dog2girls, thanks for letting me know that bathing small kids will work in a deeper tub. The one we are getting is 66 X 34 X 20. Do you have any trouble stepping over the bathtub to use it as a shower?


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