Does anyone make memory beads with oven clay?

kessy56February 15, 2012

I am wanting to learn how to make memory beads by incorporating pieces of flower petals into oven bake clay. I've seen various webpages on this, but my problem is the flower pieces turn brown during baking. A lady here in town makes them but the flower pieces in her beads stay the original color of the flower. She sells her beads so isnt willing to give out info on how she does them. Can anyone help me? I don't want to sell them, I just want to be able to make them for my family and friends as a way to help cheer others after they've lost a loved one. Thanks if you can help!

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have you done a search for "memory beads polymer clay"? You can crush them and add them to the clay, you can try placing them on the bead with liquid polymer clay, or you could decoupage them on to a completed bead. using decoupage or some clear sealer that works with polymer clay.

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