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shmealMarch 19, 2012

It's time to make a decision on our appliances. I would love a Miele but the nearest dealer is 70 miles away and DH is worried about delivery and service cost, so he's basically knocked this option out of the running. My second choice is Asko D55554XXLFI (love the third rack - it suits the dishes we use).

DH thinks this is a good place to save some money and wants to go with either a Bosh 500 series or a KA KUDE40FXPA.

Of those two I like the Bosch better because we want a fully-paneled integrated look. DH likes the KA better because we had one in our last home and he loved it.

I'd love to hear your opinions on the three choices. Thanks

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Mom has Bosch DWs & I have KA. At Sunday dinner yesterday afternoon, I was reminded why I love my KA so much--it is so much easier to load! The KA offers alot of flexibility in loading, where the Bosch does not. I could have loaded all the dishes (we had a full on turkey dinner) including baking dishes, serving dishes, dinner plates, glasses, & dessert plates in my KA, but could only get 1 baking dish, the dinner plates, & serving dishes in Mom's Bosch. Plus there is no hard food disposer in the Bosch so we at least had to pre-rinse before loading.

According to the specs on the KA model you posted, that is a fully-integrated panel ready unit so from that aspect it should be nearly if not perfectly identical to the Bosch.

Hope this helps!

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I wouldn't be too worried about Miele being so far away - if you are too far out, they send factory people who are much better than the appliance stores!

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I had a Miele in Florida before moving to Seattle. I'm now renting a high end home with all KA appliances. I hate them all. The DW is the worst of the lot. It sucks so bad. If we do not pre-wash before loading, nothing gets clean. Not just stuck on stuff, but any dirty dish, glass or silverware. Got so spoiled with my wonderful Miele. Haven't ever used an Asko. I also had a KA back in 1999. It cost more than my Miele. It broke down every month or so with computer problems.

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I have had both a KA KUDE60 and currently have a Bosch 800 series. The Bosch replaced the KA because it was venting steam in to my cabinetry. The KA had a vent on the left side of the door. You can search and see my previous threads (just search my user name or KA vent issues). I tried to get info from KA but they said it was normal. My dealer who has their own installers also said they have seen many issues with it venting into the cabinetry and have replaced them. KA will tell you the vent should stay closed for 4 hours, but I have photos of the steam, and they still said it was functioning as it should.

That being said, I did love the KA and was very disappointed...but ruining my brand new cabinetry was not an option. My dealer offered to replace with anything and I chose the Bosch (see my previous threads for model #). I have not looked back since. I got the one with the top cutlery rack since the KA had it and I got attached to it. I have no issues loading, my Bosch has just as much room as the KA did, but more efficiently. The tines are closer together so I can actually fit more inside. The racks are flexible, I can lower some, raise some, etc. I would say to take your dishes to the store to make sure they fit though. I have Fiestaware and took a few plates and serving pieces to the store just to be sure.

The Bosch is EXTREMELY quiet and it cleans really well. I don't miss the heated dry at dishes come out clean and dry (with the exception of some plastics that have a concave area where water will sit...this happened in the KA as well anyway).

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"KA DW...If we do not pre-wash before loading, nothing gets clean. Not just stuck on stuff, but any dirty dish, glass or silverware."

Your DW isn't operating as it should. Like any/all DW's -- which all do the same thing the same way -- if it's operating as it should, your dishes will be clean. You're missing something. Since you're renting, it's the landlord's responsibility to make it right. Suggest you call the shortcoming to their attention.

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Wanted to chime in here, as I just bought a Miele and also live 65-70 miles from the nearest dealer.

Before purchasing, I spoke to the man in charge of service for a huge area--like half the country, if I remember correctly. He assured me that they send authorized repairmen to non-service areas, sometimes a couple hundred miles away, on a regular basis.

He had just sent someone from a major city to a remote area in the next state over. He assured me that if I ever had any problems, it is Miele's responsibility, in order to fulfill their warranty, to send an authorized repairman regardless of how far they have to travel.

I chose the Diamond since it's the only one that comes with a 5-year warranty. I'm not crazy about the idea of *paying* for the repairman to travel to my city, and while it's under warranty I won't have to worry about that. So, if the Diamond with it's 5-year warranty was originally in the running, I'd encourage you to reconsider!

The Miele was just installed, but so far it's great!

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