XO Vent Hood with Baffles?

NYMKMarch 7, 2013

I would like a stainless steel, chimney style vent hood that is 30 inches to go over GE Cafe Oven with Baking Drawer. A local appliance store recoed the X0 Vent Hood. I'm drawn to it because it has 600 CFMs and has a baffles option. Anyone have any experience with the XO Vent Hood? I saw some posts back from 2011 but nothing recent. What about using the baffles (instead of the aluminum filters)? Do the baffles work better? The price is also right. I want something around $1K or under.

Thank you.

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Assuming competent design, baffles in any state of cleanliness work better than dirty mesh filters. They look better too, in my opinion.

However, the baffles have to be designed correctly to throw the grease particles out of the air stream. They should rest at an angle so that the grease can drain to somewhere. (Real professional, i.e., commercial, hoods have baffles set steeper than 45 degrees by code. I notice that XO is showing horizontal baffles. In the image I saw they looked more like slots, not baffles, so you may get what you pay for.)

I recommend visiting a high end appliance store and look at the way baffled hoods are supposed to be constructed. Then if the XO hood approximates that construction you may be ok with them. If not, then they are potentially worse then mesh filters and the mesh design, if kept clean, would be more effective at filtering.

Also, listen to the hood if it is hooked up to determine whether the sound level is tolerable.


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