Happy Chinese New Year table

christmascandyFebruary 3, 2011

I put Phil away until next year and created this table for the Chinese New Year.

I knew when I found these Chrysanthemum dishes that that was what I wanted to do with them!

I also used lots of red and gold for luck. There are the gold plastic chargers that I got a Big Lots years ago, and then white charger plates from various TS's. The red tablecloth and napkins are also TS treasures.

The dishes are by LiLing, Yung Shen pattern. There are chopsticks in lieu of flatware, and I didn't have any Chinese tea cups so used regular ones. I used red and gold tassels as the napkin rings.

Since it is the year of the rabbit, I used some of my ceramic rabbits. I also included Chinese Fortune cookies from DT.

The rabbit on the other side of the centerpiece.

The Candy Shot.

The greenery in the CP is to bring lots of green (cash) in the new year.



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Very pretty! The plates are beautiful!I can't eat with chop sticks! :( I remember when the Chinese restaurants here never gave you a knife. Now they do.
You have lots of bunnies!

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Beautiful! So different than Kathleen's! You both created stunning tables, with such completely different, but equally appropriate, moods. I love your blue and white dishes and the way you incorporated the various bunnies. Very nice.

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Marlene Kindred

Very pretty! Love the combination of colors and patterns!

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I think those blue cups look just perfect with the plates. Love your cute bunnies too. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the green plant works and you will have lots of green cash to buy new treasures! ;o)


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Love your Lilung dishes! Do they have a silver rim on them? They are just BEAUTIFUL! But you MUST look for teacups, candy (LOL!) ... I bid on some last yr on GW online (& I don't do tea)..but do need to do a t'scape w/them. (soon, I hope) Anyway, the gold & red look great on this table...a nice celebration for Chinese NY! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Candy, wonderful dishes on this table. I've never mastered eating with chop sticks but love watching DGD eat with them. She also loves the fortune cookies. I really like your pot for the cp. It goes well with your new dishes.

I like the Candy shot. Had to look twice as I thought you had gathered your TC at first. Second look I see that the napkins is what gave it that neat look. Your tassels for the napkin rings look nice on your napkins and matching tc.

Love the wht bunny and the blk spotted one is cute. So glad you put another table together for us.


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Just lovely Candy.. you were 'Quick like a Bunny' putting Phil away, and then preparing this table.
Blue & White dishes were my first time love..and these are just beautiful. I like the solid blue cups & saucers with them and the red linens set off everything beautifully.


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Thanks everybody!!
Jeanne, yes the LiLing dishes have a silver rim.
I think every Chinese restaurant I have ever been to has had red/gold decor, so I figured it must be important, LOL.
Punk, the spotted bunny is actually a hollow ceramic piece with cutouts in those different shapes. They do appear like black spots in the photo.
I can eat with chopsticks, unless the rice isn't sticky. If it is dry and the grains don't stick together, I have to resort to a fork, LOL
Jane, Chinese New Year was rather quick on the heels of Grounhog Day, but I had been planning the table since I found the dishes last fall, and I wanted to use them. I also didn't have to work today, which was nice as it was snowing again and the roads weren't good, so I had the time to create the table. My biggest problem was finding where I had stored the rabbits last spring!!

I am probably going to use the red again for a Valentine's table, so that will save me some time on the next table.

Glad you liked it.


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I really like those dishes, not your regular blue and white pattern. The round white bunny is adorable too. It' hard to believe we have two different Chinese New Year tables, both beautiful.

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Let me begin my saying, "You're my kind of tablescaper. You don't let the close proximity of two completely different holidays throw you. No, sir! Do one, tear it down and do another."
The dishes are very pretty. I would have thought that the cups were part of the set. They seem to go so well with the dishes. I like the tassels. They really do give a Far East feeling to the setting. I'm going to remember that touch.

What did your fortune say?

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I agree, you & Kathleen created totally different tables but both are really cute for the Chinese New Year.

Those plates are beautiful & the vase in the middle goes really well with them & your rabbits & fortune cookies!

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I'm sure glad to see you and Kathleen properly celebrating the Year of the RABBIT. ;o) You know I'd love this!

Your blue and white dishes are sure pretty. And you were definitely fast at switching out Phil for the bunnies.
I'll take one of those Fortune cookies...but make it a "good one". LOL.

hugs, Karen

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"...every Chinese restaurant I have ever been to has had red/gold decor..." But not every Chinese home does! What you did is actually what a lot of Chinese do. You brought in the red through your tablecloth, & used other colors in your dishes because you like them.

True, having some red around you is good luck for the New Year and all year! A red front door on your house, for example, is considered to be very auspicious. Also, traditional Chinese brides do not where white gowns when they marry, they where red silk! So yes, red is important and a good luck symbol. It is thought to bring prosperity and joy, and to keep evil spirits away. You incorporated it appropriately.

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I agree, very pretty blue and white plates,and it looks so good with the red.Very striking! Love the tassels. I am getting itchy for Easter. You all have some great bunnies. I have bunny envy.


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1st pic I noticed how well the white wicker chairs look with the tablescape, like a winter "tea" Chinese style! Like all the elements you incorporated into your beautiful setting! The blue cups are perfect with the beautiful blue in the plates. I'm another bunny fan! Jan

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Candy, Wonderful table!! The red tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for your Lilung dishes. I hope the green in the CP brings you lots of cash. LOL I love the little bunnies.
Another really cool Candy shot!!

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Frou, thank you. It is fun to see how differently we interpret our tables.
OA, it said I have a kind and generous heart.
Yachter, I had the vase first. I bought it cause I liked the shape.
Karen, Jane said I was quick like a bunny.LOL It was a fast turn around, but I wanted to use the blue and white plates, I already had taken Phil's picture, and Groundhog Day is kind of a 1 day shot anyway. (Unless you're trapped in the movie, LOL)
SG, thanks for letting me know. I like the part about prosperity and joy!!
Pat, I have lots of bunnies for Easter!!
Jan, I set a lot of my tables in my sunroom, and that white wicker set is the dining set out there.
Nana, from your computer to the man upstairs!! I hope that cash flow comes true! The red tablecloth is hanging around for the Valentine Table too.


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Candy, now that I look again, I can see the little bunny doesn't have spots.lol It's very pretty with the cutouts.


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